Wolves prove elusive on hunt's first day

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 4, 2012 - 7:11 AM

As of Saturday evening, 32 kills had been registered. The quota, over a two-part hunting season, is 400.

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arielbenderNov. 3, 1210:04 PM

30 people under the mistaken impression that they have overcome their shortcomings by shooting something.

sisutooNov. 3, 1210:06 PM

Each year, someone dies during hunting season. When will such scenarios of unnecessary pain for families stop?

karen5416Nov. 3, 1210:28 PM

Really tragic. The DNR rushed into this first-ever Minnesota wolf hunting and trapping season just months after the wolf was de-listed as an endangered species. Why? To cater to a narrow set of special interests: the hunters and trappers. Wolves are an iconic species in Minnesota. They are a symbol of our wilderness -- like bald eagles -- and they belong to us all. Wolves do not need the Minnesota DNR to "manage" them. Their existence is difficult and their natural mortality rate is high. Nature regulates their numbers without human interference.

vikingtwinsNov. 3, 1210:57 PM

Hopefully all 400 wolves are killed during this season. These varmints are destroying our moose population, just as they did to the elk population near Yellowstone.

arielbenderNov. 4, 1212:35 AM

vikingtwinsNov. 3, 1210:57 PM Hopefully all 400 wolves are killed during this season. These varmints are destroying our moose population, just as they did to the elk population near Yellowstone.______________Yeah, I love this argument..."the wolves are killing animals that WE want to kill."

erikj3Nov. 4, 12 1:05 AM

So disgusting.

shattpantsNov. 4, 12 1:21 AM

Traps? Really? Here's hoping for many disappointed hunters.

rtribbyNov. 4, 12 5:35 AM

The Wolf Population is around 3000 animals. If something is not done to control the population, it could double, possibly triple, in the next 3-5 years. The DNR is doing the responsible thing here. As it is, taking up to 400 animals, the population will still be over 2500 animals. Let 1/3 of them have a litter of 3-6 pups next spring. The Wolf Population still continues to grow! "Their natural mortality rate is high" ??? I beg to differ. They have no other predator, other than humans. Their existence has been protected by laws to sustain, even increase their numbers.

MN's loneliest REPNov. 4, 12 5:37 AM

I suspect the comments on this article are going to be like arielbender and karen5416....but I'll bet Vikingtwin lives a lot closer to wolves and knows or has experienced what they can do to domestic animals. This issue needs to allow 'local' people to take the lead. I grew up in the rural upper Midwest, but have lived in the city for the past 25 years. It's interesting to listen to people born in the city/suburbs who 'visit' nature on the weekends extol their views wildlife. Liberal "let them all live" perspectives. But wait until a coyote snatches their cat or lap dog...and they'll be the first ones at city hall demanding something be done. Keep the wolf hunt in place and let northern Minnesotans manage it.

Willy53Nov. 4, 12 6:19 AM

Native Americans ask the DNR to prevent the hunt within their reservation boundaries but the DNR refuses, citing the "unfairness" to private landowners within the reservation. Theis ironic, ignorant and insensitive response ignores that initially that private land was made available to us through the taking of it by force from native Americans. For such a callous disregard of history the Commissioner of the DNR should be fired. The conduct of the DNR after the delisting of wolves in Minnesota has been one long apeasement of hunting and trapping interests. Dayton should be held accountable for the irrational and unscientific management of the DNR with respect to Wolf delisting.


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