Souhan: Seattle offers all we really need in a stadium

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 4, 2012 - 7:14 AM

Those planning the next Vikings stadium should heed what was done there in creating a wonderful atmosphere.

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prplstoogeNov. 3, 1210:48 PM

Jim, having a majority ownership group that actually lives in the community would be a nice start for the vikings!!! There is nothing more embarrassing than having the New Jersey Wilf's flying into the Twin Cities for six games each year and watch as they sit in their private suite in the HumptyDome and act like they care about the State and the horrible product they put on the field. All that viking revenue ends up in the Wilf's bank in New Jersey as well which is the biggest insult of all!!!

mballard1983Nov. 3, 1211:12 PM

prplstooge: How many pro teams are owned by people that are actually from or live in that state? Please, give me a number. I bet you won't find many. The fact that the Wilf's live in New Jersey has nothing to do with how great the new stadium will be. The Wilf's are business people and want a top notch facility for their team because whenever they do sell the team the stadium will be a selling point for getting more money for the team.

mnfanintampaNov. 4, 12 4:45 AM

Who cares where the Wilf's live? They have been top-notch owners. If the Vikings have not lived up to expectations it's not because of the Wilf's lack of financial commitment. Ask Joe Mauer why he is a Florida resident.

northhillNov. 4, 12 6:38 AM

Seattle is a very different area from the Twin Cities.Seattle is one of the most difficult cities to drive in.It is very hilly and does not have the land to expand their freeway system.It does,however,have excellent public transportation and a thriving downtown.It also tore down that dreadful Kingdome and built two excellent stadiums.Seattle has also recovered from the economic downturn that plagued it in the 1970's.Seattle has changed a lot from the 1970's.Seattle is also a less friendly city than the Twin Cities.There are things we could learn from Seattle and things we shouldn't.I don't want to see downtown Minneapolis become downtown Seattle where it is a nice place only if you have money.

thetruthincNov. 4, 1210:48 AM

@mballard1983 - It makes all the difference in the world where the Wilf's live especially when they come to OUR elected Minnesota officials and beg/extort over $500 million dollars from our State coffers so they can take it ALL back to New Jersey!!! Wake up people, the Wilfs have absolutey NO ties to this community and they never will because they are only here to further their business interests and will leave at the drop of the hat when the well runs dry. Just like Red McCombs did.

zymurgyNov. 4, 1212:02 PM

Except that they did a terrible job with the bathroom situation. If you've ever seen a game in Seattle, the lines for the bathrooms are worse than at the Metrodome.

fdrebinNov. 4, 12 5:05 PM

The design of the taxpayer funded stadium, which i ooposed, is not nearly as relevant as having a competent general manager and coach for the team, neither of which the Wolfs have in place.

bdthompsonNov. 4, 12 7:48 PM

Souhan is forgetting the fact that it is already decided that the new stadium will have a roof. Whether it moves or not is still to be decided, but it will have a roof. Otherwise, Sid won't be able to get his Final Four here

ssej329Nov. 4, 12 8:03 PM

bdthompson, you are right. But, if these electronic pull tabs don't bring in the revenue they need, you will see this issue revisted in the legislature. It would not be the first time a stadium was changed from the inital vote. Look at the old Dallas Cowboy stadium. That unusual hole was suppose to be a roof but the funding wasn't there. So, you had a partial roof covering the seating only. Maybe Sid can pony up some of his money to pay for this stadium.

rshacklefordNov. 5, 1212:31 PM

A new Metrodome for an always mediocre-at-best team. Whoop-dee-doo. What our public servants are doing is embarrassing. Instead of representing the best interests of Minnesotans, they are serving a New Jersey resident and a large business what won't even show its financial books. Thanks for writing that memo, city attorney Susan Segal! Way to show respect for the ordinance that the citizens of Minneapolis voted on and APPROVED. Don't you know where the money for your salary comes from?

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