Retiring Police Chief Dolan to aid groups on gun control

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 2, 2012 - 9:16 PM

Tim Dolan was celebrated by officers and government leaders on his last day in office. He plans to campaign for gun control.

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lilcezarNov. 2, 12 9:31 PM

How does he argue that people kill people guns are not the problem...take the rights away from decent law abiding citizens and only the criminals will have the license or permit needed for them...our Austin police chief understands this and supports the NRA down here..

Douglind33Nov. 2, 1210:12 PM

Speeding is against the law, yet "criminals" have acess to cars, drive without licenses and still speed every day. So we don't need speeding laws...right? WRONG!Same with guns. I'm a hunter that supports more gun control.

thedanmanNov. 3, 12 1:00 AM

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, who retired Friday after six years as chief, said he'll spend some of his newfound spare time doing volunteer work for "reasonable" gun control groups. --- Good, keep the guns in law abiding folks' hands and do what you can to keep them away from criminals. Problem solved. However, I don't think all the groups mentioned really care about that freedom as they're activist driven (Brady).

ihave2beniceNov. 3, 12 1:18 AM

If supporting gun control is enforcing existing laws so criminals and the mentally unstable can't access guns I'm all for it. Gun control should not be limiting a law abiding citizen of owning guns.

ndterminatorNov. 3, 12 8:05 AM

Dolan is a typical political leftist big city Chief. I have no idea how guys like this ever get into LE...

spencer60Nov. 3, 12 8:13 AM

Police Chiefs are politicians more than cops, and join the Bradys. Beat cops tend to be NRA members.

mtkamacNov. 3, 12 8:52 AM

sure would be nice of those of us working in the private sector could retire in our mid 50s..... Those government pensions sure are something....

capsule2Nov. 3, 12 9:10 AM

As long as all the gunnutz shoot off their mouths instead of their guns, we'll all be O.K.

truthtopowerNov. 3, 12 9:22 AM

Douglind33, you're right speeding is against the law--and every single day I see people speeding! The law is practically meaningless, especially where the speed limits are set too low on purpose. Gun regulations are the same way--it escapes me how people in positions of power can ignore the fact that human society is complex and solutions to problems are fleeting, but yet they can still jump on some bandwagon like banning guns. It makes no sense. We have enough gun laws already. As far as you being a hunter supports gun control, that gave me a laugh--what an oxymoron! You think if the banners got their way they would leave you anything to hunt with at all? Maybe a compound bow, if you're lucky, but then they would get around to controlling the weight of pull on those. There is no end to the meddling if you let the meddlers have their way at all.

gyroboyNov. 3, 12 9:45 AM

Yes because we all know have effective draconian and specious gun control laws are in reducing crime and keeping the general public safe from harm.


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