Keep GOP in control of Legislature

  • Article by: KURT ZELLERS
  • Updated: November 3, 2012 - 10:25 PM

We set out to improve government and put people back to work, and we succeeded.

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ebfauvelNov. 3, 1210:43 PM

What a joke you and all republicans are, Kurt.

How many jobs did the gay marriage amendment create?

How many jobs did the voter repression amendment create?

How many jobs did Amy Koch's affair create?

How many jobs did your party's $2 million deficit create?

Your party ran on a promise of a "laser focus on jobs." "Jobs jobs jobs" was your mantra -- until you got elected. Once in office, you spent all of your time on divisive social issues, pitting Minnesotans against each other. Any jobs that have been created in the last two years didn't come about because of anything you or your party did.

When Governor Dayton wouldn't rubber stamp all of your legislation, did you compromise? Noooooooooo. It was your way or the highway. Sorry, Kurt, but you were not elected to legislate by constitutional amendment.

Why on earth should anyone vote for a bankrupt (literally and figuratively) party like yours? We want a legislature that works with the executive branch to deliver the best solutions to Minnesota -- not a group of crybabies who tries to find every way to circumvent the Governor when it doesn't get its way.

The republican party does not deserve reelection. Rather, it deserves a swift kick out the door!

dvsdan123Nov. 3, 1211:05 PM

You talk about economics, but the only thing you pass are social issues to impose your will on the people. The latest tweets from the Senate staffer tells me all I need to know. If a Republican does not toe the line on social issues, they are thrown to the wolves.

eroslawNov. 3, 1211:45 PM

What a crock, Kurt. If I remember correctly, your Republican leader was busy having an affair while championing the gay marriage amendment. Furthermore, your laser focus on jobs disappeared with all of your other shenanigans. Your party should give up. You blew it.

arielbenderNov. 3, 1211:47 PM

I see Kurt is still rockin' the Flow-Bee hair-cutting system.

vegas2112Nov. 3, 1211:51 PM

RE:"We set out to improve government and put people back to work, and we succeeded." --------------------------- Zellers shamelessly takes credit for 47,000 jobs that he did NOTHING to create. So while they talk about how horrible the economy is under the President, they find an inconvenient truth in an improving economy. THE GOP has been financially and morally bankrupt since the previous election. They have been derelict in their duty to govern -- using the Minnesota Constitution as a vehicle for partisan politics. Not only have you not earned our vote -- you haven't earned the trust or respect of the vast majority of Minnesotans.

kivirl4Nov. 4, 1212:15 AM

I am coming from this at a different angle. I am GOP and living in Rep Zellers district. I am eternally angry at him for having not shut down the ridiculous Viking stadium funding. Even though he himself did not vote for it, he, as the Speaker of the House, could have shut this down from the beginning, and I am angry he did not use his position to do this. I will not vote for his Democratic opponent, but I cannot vote for him either.

Kate23Nov. 4, 1212:24 AM

Really, Kurt, really? Do you think we voters are stupid? That we don't remember Tony Sutton, Amy Koch, Michael Brodkorb, Tom Emmer, Geoff Michel and the Republican party's inability to make its own headquarter's rent payment? Really? Love the sanctimoniousness that brought us the Marriage Amendment...and the scurrilous voter suppression amendment! You Republicans should be ashamed of yourselves. Go away.

JudelingNov. 4, 12 1:44 AM

The sad thing is that Mr. Zellars axtuLLY believes what he is saying. Somehow the entire Republican agenda has become paper over what we have to and ignore all of the everything else maybe it will fix itself. What is more the inflexibility and dogmatic approach to everything that the current iteration of the Repubican Party embraces means that even the papering over will be done poorly. Fortunately Minnesotans have a chance to rebuild the Republican Party back towards something that we can be proud of again, We can do that by voting them out wherever we can, We can do that because lets face it the DFL is not some bunch of raving leftists but more of center left bunch of pragmatists and any DFler that would replace any Republican will only move that party more to the center not the left,

buskahNov. 4, 12 2:19 AM

Sorry Mr. Zellers, but I was one of those Independent voters that gave Republicans control of both chambers. After witnessing all of the shenanigans that your party played with our constitution it will be years, perhaps even decades before I vote Republican again.

norselandcNov. 4, 12 4:57 AM

Shame! You balanced the budget on the backs of school districts, who now must borrow money every year to fill the funding gap you left behind. You did a poor job and you came up $3 billion short!


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