The vote for president is a leap of faith

  • Article by: TOM HORNER, TIM PENNY
  • Updated: November 3, 2012 - 9:03 PM

Both candidates are good men, but neither has sealed the deal.

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ridgepabloNov. 3, 12 9:41 PM

This is shamefully vacuous and craven. If, after a year of campaigns, you two still cannot decide and take a position, then please don't vote. And maybe don't write columns that confuse the candidates's assertions with facts. There is no evidence that successfully running a private equity firm is a qualification for leading a nation-state. And, despite Romney's claims, the large majority of the people from the "his state"' Massachusetts, do not support him. That is because he had to struggle to qualify as a resident to run, and he went absentee shortly after being elected to his single term to start his first run for presidency. Thanks.

jdlellis1Nov. 3, 1210:13 PM

Education - Harvard (Obama/Romney). Family Man (Obama/Romney), Executive/Leadership Experience (Obama/Romney), Service to Others (Obama - Community Organizer / Romney - Foreign Missionary/Church Bishop), Health/Looks - Good (Obama/Romney), Finances - Millionaires (Obama/Romney), Love of Country - Solid (Obama/Romney).

erikj3Nov. 3, 1210:19 PM

A leap of faith? We know who Obama is, what he promised to do and what he's accomplished. He's made mistakes for sure, but he's also managed to get quite a bit done (despite being obstructed every step of the way by Republicans). A vote for Rmoney? Who knows. The guy's an empty suit, someone who says what his advisers tell him to say. He is a dangerous, dishonest man and would likely be such a disaster as president he'd make GW Bush look good.

gimbelNov. 3, 1210:34 PM

Spare me the pious B.S. Romney is a wealthy, conceited liar who thinks he's owed the presidency, because it's his turn. Were he to be elected he would pack the SCOTUS with horrible con judges like Scalia and Alieto, he'd repeal Obamacare, he'd take the war on women to new and lofty heights, he'd start a war with Iran and antagonize one of our major debt holders, China. And that's just for starters. Obama has earned a second term, he DESERVES a second term. Only he can successfully finish the economic recovery that he began 4 years ago.

evergreenst8Nov. 3, 1210:40 PM

I believe that the true leap of faith (hope and change)occurred four years ago when America proudly elected BHO, a person who had little experience and whom the MSM refused to vet. With Romney, there is a better track record: immense success in the private sector, governor of a major state and Winter Olympic game problem solver. I voted for Romney for two reasons: 1.) Ability to fix problems. 2.) Willingness to negotiate and work with the other party.

freewheelerNov. 3, 1210:51 PM

Four years ago this country took a leap of faith on an individual with no experience and he ran on a platform of "Hope and Change". Now this country's leap of faith has us falling into an abyss because we were hoodwinked on a catch phrase. Romney was correct, "hope and change" and "I'm not Bush" is not a strategy. The choice is clear, deeper into the abyss or we elect a true leader like Mitt Romney.

snoebirdNov. 3, 1210:57 PM

In the Strib's list of state-by-state newspaper endorsements, all seven papers in the most important swing state of Ohio endorse Obama.

gimbelNov. 3, 1211:08 PM

Romney is worth a quarter of a BILLION. He comes from enormous wealth. His father made sure he had everything he could ever want. Obama only in the last few years has become worth a million or at the most a couple of million and all of that from the sale of the two books he wrote. Obama's background is at best lower middle class. His grandparents raised him, living very modestly. Romney was raised in the lap of luxury. They are nothing alike in background, and the Mormon religion Romney believes in is a far, far cry from Obama's middle of the road christian beliefs.

jefflz1Nov. 3, 1211:11 PM

This opinion piece represents a failure to recognize that we are indeed at a crossroad. We can elect a man Romney, who has used every means to confuse and confound the electorate by shifting positions rapidly and denying his past- a man that has insulted half of this nation as lazy leeches only to say "That was wrong". One of the reasons Romney seems to be competitive is that the voter has not been well served by the media which has pitched the election as an American Idol contest rather than the true political struggle we are witnessing between regressive, right-wing forces led by the Koch Brother/Murdoch surrogates Romney and Ryan, or the more moderate forces led by President Obama who has a proven track record of working successfully for the people of this country despite the the concerted battle by the GOP opposition to block his every effort to improve the economy. This is not a matter for the pseudo-balanced approach of "on the one hand, and then on the other hand" as if both sides had an equally valid position. This is a clear choice between the dark forces of Bush/Cheney/RomneyRyan and the forces for a more just society led by Obama. Shame on the Star Tribune for not taking a stand.

JRBNov. 3, 1211:49 PM

"President Obama has led America for four years, turning around an economy in free fall..." >>> Ooops, tell that to the 50,000,000 on food stamps, to the millions of college grads who can't find jobs, to the millions who can't find full time work. It's a blatant lie to claim that he's turned it around, and shame on you for printing it.


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