Put DFL legislators in the majority

  • Article by: PAUL THISSEN
  • Updated: November 3, 2012 - 10:26 PM

Vote Democratic: We'll make better choices and put the legislative focus where Minnesotans want it.

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choochoo12Nov. 3, 1210:25 PM

Yes, let's put Democrats back in control so they can raise taxes on the workers and job creators so the DFL can lavish more money on welfare recipients. Democrats say it isn't fair that you work all day and earn money while a welfare recipient sits around her subsidized home watching cable TV and having a bunch of babies by a bunch of different fathers. You are getting ahead and she isn't. Democrats say that is wrong and must be rectified by taking your hard-earned money away and giving it to her. Yeah, I love watching nearly half my money being taken away now. Democrats want to take even more away. Why would I support that???

Jim1960Nov. 3, 1211:44 PM

Ah yes,choochoo, you are worthy of the FAUX NOIAE award for using most cliches in a single paragraph. The infamous "job creators","watching cable TV", "having a bunch of babies", "subsidized home", and "a bunch of different fathers". You left out the much vaunted "Welfare Queen" concocted by Ronald Reagan out of whole cloth and you also should have included the much discussed "Obamaphone". Then you would have had a trifecta of nonsense.

mcjoe1Nov. 4, 12 1:26 AM

Government seems to operate best when run by those that believe in it. Lets keep Minnesota a progressive state that strives for a better future. I'm sick of hearing conservative politicians say "we can't afford it" - we're the richest country on the face of the earth.. we can afford it. Those states that invest in education, social services, and infrastructure will lead over the coming decades. For those that want to join the conservative race to the bottom, WI is not that far away.

YoganaziNov. 4, 12 1:35 AM

The GOP has demonstrated they are not capable of collobarating in a respectful manner to improve the lives of Minnesotans. The entire last term was spent disenfranchising gays, women and the poor. We need new leadership, civility. Adult behavior- the GOP is incapable of reaching across the aisle to find solutions in these tough economic times.

chickfilaNov. 4, 12 1:43 AM

Minnesota is already one of the highest taxed states in the country. Let's not make it worst with more liberal job/economy killing democrats.

norselandcNov. 4, 12 5:04 AM

Paul Thissen is a righteous dude. Vote for Democrats and Minnesota can again assume its traditional role of leading the nation in progressive policies. The other 49 states look to us to pull the plow. Let's take on the yoke and get out the vote!

dakmarknetNov. 4, 12 5:50 AM

I couldn't agree more with Rep. Thissen. We need to return adults to the legislature. I am tired of the experiment with 2nd graders running our government. If you don't get your way, cry louder and pout. And if these same kids return they will feel their tirades were what the people wanted. Remember this legislature had the lowest approval rating of any legislature. That tells you all you need to know. Vote the bums out!

owatonnabillNov. 4, 12 7:45 AM

Owatonnabill is quite confident that the grownups will still be in charge in St. Paul come dawn on November 7.

Douglind33Nov. 4, 12 7:55 AM

As PJ O'Rourke said, Democrats believe that government will cure everything including your crabgrass, and Republicans believe that government doesn't work, then get elected to prove it. I'll vote for the crabgrass people.

LennyofMNNov. 4, 12 8:04 AM

Well, geez, if you say so, it must be true.


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