Brand Bachmann is getting tested at home

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 2, 2012 - 12:01 AM

Rival Jim Graves hopes his opponent's fame precedes her.

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sbuzz16Nov. 1, 1211:02 PM

I listened to both debates so far and Jim Graves really understands and explains the issues very well. Bachmann fails to answer many of the questions being asked, and when she does, her answers are extreme and immoral.

morenews0013Nov. 1, 1211:24 PM

Jim Graves not only understood the issues, sometimes it seemed like he has to explain them to Bachmann in order for the debate to even continue. Graves is a very moderate Democrat, and very pro-business. District voters could get rid of the embarassment factor of Michele and still have a pretty conservative representative by voting for Graves. He'd provide less comic relief, though.

fonzi3Nov. 1, 1211:27 PM

Can you trust a woman that is more concerned about the spotlight, than she is about the people she's supposed to be serving. Vote this bum out of office.

mccsNov. 1, 1211:28 PM

Not a fan of Bachmann, but I'll vote against anyone with a 'progressive' tag on their ticket.

elguevonNov. 1, 1211:34 PM

The 6th district must not have any high standards at all. How Bachmann can even get 1 vote is unreal. She does NOTHING for her constituents in her district and NOTHING but embarrass the State of Minnesota. not re-elect this clown!

texas_technomanNov. 2, 12 4:53 AM

I moved into her district a year ago and here is my perspective. She was AWOL for 6 months while she ran for president, missed 90 house votes. The ads she is running never mention what she has done, or will do, or her vision....they are just a bunch of half truths about Graves. My local newspaper ran profiles on everyone running for office in our area...Bachmann never responded to their questionaire....Graves had great answers. He has my vote, he is pro business, has real world experience, and is not trying to become a celebrity on Fox News! Vote for Jim!

purlieuNov. 2, 12 5:44 AM

Her campaign manager called her "their hometown girl?" When she was running for President, she was "an Iowa girl." She never mentioned Minnesota. Her out and out lies, her need to dance in the spotlights and her lack of accomplishment make everyone wonder, what's wrong with the 6th District?

wilsan1Nov. 2, 12 6:02 AM

Hopefully the citizens of the 6th district look beyond the letter R or the letter D and think about what each candidate has said, and what sense they make, and whether they are honest, truthful, have integrity, and have the intelligence to make the best decissions for this Country. That the candidate actually will put this Countries needs first and Party ideology last. Hopefully Bachmann will be voted out for her extreme irrationable views.

nomedsNov. 2, 12 6:11 AM

What is up with Repubs? They believe that bankruptcy is no big deal, because that is what they do all the time. Obviously, they don't understand the repercussions. The suppliers and creditors lose out big time and aren't able to collect what they are owed and could end up filing bankruptcies themselves. Unless you have been one of those crediotrs like I have, you don't understand the implications it has on the creditors.

spartavilleNov. 2, 12 6:12 AM

The nerve of this woman to suggest Graves can't be trusted. She should check her own rating on


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