Politics of generosity show up in national rankings

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 31, 2012 - 9:38 PM

State rankings on charitable giving depend on the study.

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dave9398Oct. 31, 1210:10 PM

"Generally, states with more Democratic than Republican voters are more likely to address the needs of the poor through the government, rather than philanthropy." -- This seems logical to me. The compassionate conservative gives his own money whereas the compassionate liberal gives somebody else's money.

trk22079Nov. 1, 1212:44 AM

Dave is on point... measuring how much is involuntarilly taken from a person is not giving. By definition, it is taken. And the collateral point is that whenever a governmental body (state or federal) receives that money, much of it is siphoned off to pay for the administration of that regulation, and less goes to the charities themselves

comment229Nov. 1, 12 5:19 AM

The first rule in campaign reform, is that you can only talk about your programs, ideas, and how you are going to achieve them SPECIFICALLY. You cannot use any form of an attack ad about your opponent. And when will campaign reform like this be forgotten for a few years? On January second.

Thumper5316Nov. 1, 12 6:18 AM

I'd rather give to a church. What's a better use of a dollar? Giving it to a non-faith based foundation where administrative costs and a chairman who is paid an obscene amount eat up most of the money or a church that uses only what it needs for expenses and gives out the rest? I know there are some churches that are not good stewards of the dollars they receive but there are very few. It's the opposite with non-faith bases foundations.

shadesofgrayNov. 1, 12 6:46 AM

Too much generalizing about non-profits, including those who are non-faith. Check each one out before you give; I think you will find that a great number do not have obscene amounts used up for huge salaries and costly administration.

ivehaditNov. 1, 12 6:57 AM

trk22079: "Dave is on point... measuring how much is involuntarilly taken from a person is not giving." Paying taxes IS voluntary. It is part of being a US citizen. If you don't want to pay taxes, you can move elsewhere. We are all in this together. The greed of those who are unwilling to support our country and our society is causing much of our current fiscal problems. If we return to the tax rates of Reagan in 1982, we will see a revived economy, balanced budgets and MORE giving to charities.

elind56Nov. 1, 12 7:23 AM

"...states' willingness to "give" by paying higher taxes should also be part of the generosity equation. Those taxes support schools, social services and a higher quality of life for all residents, not just those with a certain religious affiliation. "Isn't that generosity?"---------------------------------NO! Using force of government to confiscate the fruits of my labor and then distribute those fruits as the state sees fit is not charity by any stretch of the imagination. That only means I have less (or none) left to distribute as I see fit which would be the true meaning of generosity. Besides that, government decisions on where the funding goes is based purely on political expedience and has nothing whatsoever to do with "generosity". Quite the contrary.

palsarNov. 1, 12 7:24 AM

"Paying taxes IS voluntary. It is part of being a US citizen. If you don't want to pay taxes, you can move elsewhere." -- Yeah, and if you want to pay 50-70% in taxes YOU can move to Europe instead of trying to make the U.S. into it.

mark44Nov. 1, 12 7:31 AM

"Collection plate" money should not count towards charitable giving. Reason: most of that money is used for the operation, upkeep & updating of the building, paying staff (which includes priests, ministers, rabbis) and other expenses.

sunnyreaderNov. 1, 12 7:58 AM

Some of the most generous people I know don't make enough money to claim the charitable tax deduction, so are not included in this study.


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