Failures plague Vikings offense

  • Article by: DAN WIEDERER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 1, 2012 - 6:37 AM

The Vikings offense has been shackled with 12 three-and-outs during the past two games.

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prplstoogeOct. 31, 1211:12 PM

Given the viking's overall lack of talent on both sides of the ball and their low budget amatuer coaching staff their failures will become even more evident and numerous now that they are forced to play above average and playoff caliber teams down the stretch. No doubt the vikings will revert to the 3-13 caliber club they were (and still are) last season. It's going to get ugly!!!

tvzz00Oct. 31, 1211:29 PM

ponder needs to be benched

raymodjNov. 1, 1212:00 AM

It's easy to blame the offensive coordinator, but they can only game plan based on personnel. Remember, he's working with a 2nd year QB and only 1 proven go to WR. Some of the Vikings best offensive years were more because of the players than the coaches. Or the fact that experienced players (or freak of nature rookies like Moss) let a coach really open things up. Like 94 and 95 with Warren Moon throwing to Chris Carter and Jake Reed and handing off to Robert Smith. 98 with Randall Cunningham throwing to Randy Moss and Chris Carter and handing off to Robert Smith. And 2000 to 04 with Dante Culpepper throwing to Moss, Carter and TE Jermaine Wiggins and handing off to Robert Smith then Michael Bennett. And lets not forget 2009 with Brett Favre throwing to everyone, but esp. Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, and handing off to Adrian Peterson. And no, I didn't forget Fran Tarkington, I just didn't start watching football until 78. He had a great year that year, throwing to Rickey Young, Ahmad Rashad and Sammy White, if I remember correctly. And yes, I try to forget about Tommy Kramer. I really try.

bredpathNov. 1, 1212:33 AM

Well, throwing the deep ball 3 yards out of bounds doesn't really help. Start completing passes longer than 10 yards too. Figure out other ways to get the ball into Percy's hands besides a swing or screen pass. Get Rudolph involved. Keep Adrian, Percy, and Rudolph on the field when you do manage to get into the red zone. When's the last time they completed a pass over the middle? Is this rocket science?

abemntocalNov. 1, 1212:34 AM

Here is an idea: when AP runs for 5 yards or more on first down, run again on second down. And if it's 3rd and two or less, run on third down at least half the time. That keeps the pressure on Ponder to a minimum and gives us the best chance to succeed.

ryantonNov. 1, 1212:36 AM

Everybody and their moms know that the Vikings are running the ball with AP on 1st downs, hence, they stacked the box with 8-9 people. Musgrave must mixed it up a little to keep the defense off balance or allow Ponder to audible at the line if the defense is stacking the box. Stretch the field by throwing some deep posts or long slants over the middle. You have to keep the opponent's safties honest so that they don't creep up to the line to provide run support. Stop running 3-5 yard patterns with our TEs or fullbacks...they are too slow to beat the defenders or break tackles. What is frustrating is that the Vikes will have a 3-4 and they throw a 2 yard pass! Why even have it in your offensive playbook. Let Ponder loose and see what he can do and see if he is the future QB of the Vikes. Please no more deep fade patterns to him over the middle as those fade patterns are low % passes to complete. Never like Musgrave and his play calling!

comment229Nov. 1, 12 4:44 AM

"Reviews of the Arizona and Tampa Bay games don't seem to show any distinct trends." You have to be careful with that statement because someone could get hurt laughing too hard. This offense was, still is, and will probably continue to be THE most predictable offense in the NFL despite having two of THE most talented players in the NFL. A third tremendous athlete doesn't even get in the game, but stands on the sidelines holding a clipboard and listens to the plays being called. I have listed a whole bunch of ideas in the past as to how to open up the offense, or at least TRY, as others have done repeatedly too, but the same old continues. Hard to get excited about the offense when it just keeps on rolling the same. The name for our defense is "Tampa 2." The name for our offense is not "west coast." The title has been officially renamed to "three and out."

fogmanNov. 1, 12 7:16 AM

Unfortunately if the offense puts the team in a hole early and often with continued 3 and outs this game could be over by 1/2 time. Where's the imagination and creativity on offense? Where's Joe Webb? Is he permanently attached to the clipboard? Where are the screen passes to AP fo example? Percy's work well and they have moved away from those plays too. Ponder may need more time but more often than not he continues to visually miss the open receiver and forces many a bad pass to a receiver who is double covered or has no chance on making a play. Maybe this is all they have and the simpler the better? Anyway-the defense needs more sustained drives by the offense to stay off the field longer and have less the chance to wear down by the 4th quarter. Like BREDPATH said-it's NOT rocket science.

drock918Nov. 1, 12 7:49 AM

Somebody needs to tell Ponder to throw the ball much quicker than he is. Take the shot and stop over-thinking things. He is so gun-shy right now that I can't see this team winning another game with him at the helm. You can't run an offense using a straight handoff to AD and a bubble screen to Percy as the only plays in the playbook! Send Simpson over the middle and let's see him run after the catch a la Percy.

dirtydogsNov. 1, 12 8:10 AM

How many times do we have to hear Ponder say "I have to do a better job"? This is getting old. DO A BETTER JOB OR GET BENCHED. As predicted when we drafted him, Ponder is NOT the franchise QB to lead us to even a division title. He has limited upside and would make an okay number 2 QB. The game against TRUE rookie Wilson this weekend will be big. Ponder needs to hold his own and actually WIN a game for us, instead of just managing it. Did we really waste a number one draft pick on a QB that is only expected to manage the game? If so, Spielman and crew should be immediately fired.


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