Gov. Mark Dayton: Send voter ID back to legislators

  • Article by: MARK DAYTON
  • Updated: October 31, 2012 - 5:20 PM

There are too many costs, too many questions. It needs more work.

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jdlellis1Oct. 31, 12 5:39 PM

Let's link. Minnesotan's, generally on the left desire to send "Voter Id" back to the legislature to fix some of its costs and/or issues. Curious as to why Minnesotan's generally on the left did not call for sending the Affordable Care Act back to Congress to fix some of the shortcomings buried in the 2000+ page legislation?

owatonnabillOct. 31, 12 5:43 PM

Governor Deer-In-The-Headlights is in over his head on this one (then again, he's in over his head in a light mist). All this is, is a tired regurgitation of talking points. This amendment will help guarantee the integrity of the electoral process for both parties. Yet only one party--and their spokesperson in Minnesota--is against it. That tells owatonnabill all he needs to know.

erikj3Oct. 31, 12 6:31 PM

We all want clean elections, but real voter fraud is extraordinarily rare. Instead, this voter ID amendment is a transparent attempt to suppress the vote of students, minorities, and elderly voters who are most likely to vote for Democratic candidates. Shame on the Republicans for pushing this injustice through!

minn12Oct. 31, 12 6:38 PM

For those capable of logical thought, it's pretty hard to prove voter fraud if there is NO PROOF of who is voting. Seems like a simple concept. Yet those opposed keep claiming 'there is no proof of voter fraud'. Those up to no good always gravitate towards situations where it's easy to cheat. Other types of fraud are easier to prove, such as felons voting. And let's ask Mark Ritchie why he refuses to clean up the voter rolls of all the felons, dead people, and illegal aliens who are registered. Many other states routinely clean up their voter rolls, but not our George Soros-sponsored Secretary of State. What does that tell you? Vote YES on Voter ID to insure clean elections from this point forward.

mplsjimOct. 31, 12 7:08 PM

This will do nothing to guarantee the integrity of elections or insure clean elections, because politics will not change -- the other side will always say there was cheating and manipulation, and in fact this amendment itself is an exercise in manipulation!

hobie2Oct. 31, 12 7:11 PM

Governor Dayton - you can give us facts and logic all day long, but I googled it on the internet, and the web sites that popped up said they had facts, and those facts said that there would be no fraud if all we did was show an ID, and it won't cost us anything - and one has to show an ID for beer so what's the big deal? And there is no fraud buying beer, so what is the problem with changing the constitution with some faith that the politicians will make it good for us, like the politicians before them who made the present system good for us, in order for us to have to have a government issued ID in order to vote?... wait.. ah.. the internet said no fraud with ID.. but 16 yr old kids get IDs to buy beer...hmmm... oh but... if we trusted the last politicians to work it out and it isn't working, and they tell us we have to do this and trust them... does that mean I have to trust a politician who didn't get it right to get it right?... But I saw it on the internet - it has to be true... my head hurts... say, a constitutional amendment is the only way they can legally make people get government IDs... oh, oh... I'm leaving it blank and trusting the politicians to can sort it out in the legislature - if I can trust them if we pass it, I can trust them if we don't - right?... Trust a politician to be fair and honest about votes getting them elected .. nice ring to it.

hobie2Oct. 31, 12 7:13 PM

"Curious as to why Minnesotan's generally on the left did not call for sending the Affordable Care Act back to Congress to fix some of the shortcomings buried in the 2000+ page legislation." Because there were none... only the righties and those who lost their gravy think there are. Easy enough.

concernedduhOct. 31, 12 7:14 PM

Mark, I received a message from my children's school today about parent/teacher conferences and to remember to bring a picture ID. That's new, but makes sense too, like showing one to vote.

martytoilOct. 31, 12 7:15 PM

minn12--Vote yes if you are in favor of disenfranchising voters, vote yes if you are in favor of a poll tax. In your world of needing proof, how will this thinly veiled voter suppression amendment guarantee "clean elections from this point forward"?

jpcooperOct. 31, 12 7:21 PM

Push Voter ID through! Mark Dayton after this passes you should lead the charge to make Mn State issued IDs the best in the US! Each ID should include name, Address, City, Citizenship status, Driving privileges, license level, convicted felon, organ donor


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