In softer tones as East Coast recovers from Sandy, Romney promises to deliver 'real change'

  • Article by: STEVE PEOPLES and KASIE HUNT , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 31, 2012 - 7:59 PM
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ninetyninerOct. 31, 1211:35 AM

Oh we'll get "real" change all right...really BAD change if Romney is president. Right off the bat he wants to add $7 trillion to our deficit with his $5 trillion dollar taxcut giveaway to the rich and shameless and another $2 trillion in defense spending on more ships and tanks that we don't need. If you're not in the top 2% income level in this country, there is no upside at all for you to vote for Romney. You are voting against your own best interests plain and simple.

drichmnOct. 31, 1211:52 AM

"I actually have a plan to execute change and make it happen." .... oh yes, we know what his plan is. Cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, raise taxes on the middle class at the same time they voucherize medicare, privatize social security, and gut any federal program that helps the middle class, the elderly, and the poor.

mylittleidOct. 31, 1212:16 PM

Well, Romney's positions change from one day to the next, so that must be what he means by "real change".

danderson60Oct. 31, 1212:17 PM

Real change is Romney speak for Chump change. He has one side of the political spectrum believing it hook, line, and stinker.

ak13741Oct. 31, 1212:26 PM

And how much is Romney planning to donate to the Red Cross?

barb_hOct. 31, 1212:30 PM

Same old stuff...

Guppy35Oct. 31, 1212:33 PM

What's his plan? I have a plan but I'm not telling unless you elect me. How does that mean anything?

JP55901Oct. 31, 1212:46 PM

Romney has a plan for real change... he just won't say what it is.

9moonsOct. 31, 1212:53 PM

--------"Romney has a plan for real change... he just won't say what it is."-------

Oh, but he did. All during the GOPer primary season. All during the presidential campaign....up until the first debate. Tax cuts for the rich, more deregulation, pass the Ryan budget, privatize Social Security, voucherize Medicare, cut Medicaid and block grant to the states, etc. In other words, the same Republican play book of the last 30 years.

Truckman182Oct. 31, 12 1:02 PM

Just like Obama was so clear on his grand plan for "Hope and Change" or should I say "Hope and Blame." You lefties crack me up. One guy is a two time mega succesful CEO. The other is a community organizer who promised the moon and delivered next to nothing. America sees this now and Romney will get elected.


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