Bachmann, Graves tangle at Sixth District debate

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 31, 2012 - 5:09 AM

The first faceoff in a tight and costly race touched on local and national issues.

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anderson245Oct. 30, 1210:23 PM

Bachmann is fiscally irresponsible. She is pound foolish and penny wise. Spending $700 MILLION on a bridge used by 18,000 people daily? Compare this to the $234 MILLION for the I35W Bridge used by 140,000 people per day. And SHE has the audacity to call Jim Graves a BIG SPENDER? BACHMANN, we know who the BIG SPENDER is, don't we?

sanddogsnarlOct. 30, 1210:36 PM

"Bachmann said ... 'Obamacare robbed money from Medicare.'"

● A lie.

"Bachmann attributed the high cost to government red tape and lawsuits from 'radical environmental groups.'"

● Another lie.

" 'I was able to get Nancy Pelosi to even vote for this bill,' Bachmann said of the House minority leader..."

● Yet another lie.

"I don't like class warfare."

● Number four.

"Bachmann said after the debate that the event demonstrated that 'I listen to the district, pay attention to the district, and I've delivered for the district in a bipartisan way.'"

● A trifecta in one sentence -- especially the one about delivering in a bipartisan way.

Vintage Bachmann. You can be certain that about the only truth coming out of her mouth was the utterance of her own name.

musicmommyOct. 30, 1211:07 PM

Bachmann shot back, saying, "It's insulting to say that these are political speeches. That's one thing I do not do." If Bachmann has said anything of note that wasn't a political speech, I have yet to hear it. She collects millions of dollars to do almost nothing in the House. Does anyone remember her comment in her Iowa presidental campaign speech that minimized the fact that she was a Minnesotan and was (technically) representing a Minnesota district? She'll say anything, which is the definition of political.

MN's loneliest REPOct. 31, 12 3:23 AM

Sorry Michelle, but Jim "smoked" you in that one. Jim just comes across as a more credible leader. He was direct, forceful yet looked afraid. You would not even face him. My bet is, you're going down next Tuesday.

tonyrozyckiOct. 31, 12 5:22 AM

TV debate audience packed with noisy partisans.

shadesofgrayOct. 31, 12 5:54 AM

I live in the Sixth District and she Does Not represent my family and anything close to what real people need. All she thinks about is herself. Words do not mean anything without action---look at her behavior.

kingtutskyOct. 31, 12 6:31 AM

The bridge only cost a little over $300 million. The other $400 + million went to land-based infrastructure and environmental concerns.

rickbmnOct. 31, 12 7:34 AM

anderson245 (and others): It is so funny to read your bashing Michele Bachmann for the St. Croix brdige. Do you know who put forth the legislation in the senate? Yep...Amy Klobuchar. She proudly took all the credit for moving forward this project, which, incidentally was supported by Franken and a host of other Dems. So I assume all the hate, vitriol, and name calling directed at Bachmann is equally directed at all the Dems supporting needed infrastructure? Oh... and there is a BIG difference between govt spending on things we NEED and transfer payments (i.e., welfare). Finally...look at the recently opened Lowry Ave bridge in Mpls. Promoed by Dems. That bridge will facilitate far fewer cars, and it is a Taj Mahal of bridges. Was all that spending necessary?

rickbmnOct. 31, 12 7:37 AM

SOrry, sanddogsnarl, but Obamacare DOES rob Medicare of over $700 billion. It's a fact even the CBO agrees with as well as every other organization that has looked at the bill. Just because the DNC says it doesn't doesn't make it so. Read the bill, and you will see for yourself.

humanfodderOct. 31, 12 7:46 AM

After Bachmann said, "It's insulting to say that these are political speeches. That's one thing I do not do," did you hear the audience laugh? Not just a few people, but like the whole audience. Bachmann, you're so funny!


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