Scoggins: U fans who do show have hope for best

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2012 - 12:07 PM
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grandegringoOct. 30, 12 3:37 AM

Great article. It's refreshing to see a columnist for the Startribune write an article about the Gophers that isn't full of inaccuracies and snark. Despite all the negatives the past few years, a day at TCF Bank Stadium is still a great way to spend an afternoon. Thank you, Chip, for taking the time to talk to Gopher fans about why they love it instead of insulting them to get some web hits. I think you did more research in that one afternoon than Souhan has done in 10 years.

gogophersgo1Oct. 30, 12 6:10 AM

I'd add that people's perceptions don't match the current reality in Gopher-land, and often due to our peers, Chip. I tried to grab some friends to add on to our group for Saturday and they said "The Gophers never win home games, so what's the point?" They've now won 5 of last 6 and 6 of last 8 at home. 6-0 under 45 degrees at kickoff. Coach Kill now has an 8-5 record at home after starting 2-3. Etc. etc. etc. But no one writes THAT. They write "Oh no! The sky is falling" because we lost a couple road games to a comparable or better team with 8 of out top 13 offensive players (including 2 QBS) hurt, out, or otherwise hobbled. Ummm, road games are hard in college football. Which is why a home crowd advantage already exists @ 40,000 fans and would be consistently amazing with 50,000. Every time we sell out it rocks. I don;t get why people don't want to come back or SHOW UP with the TICKETS YOU ALREADY BOUGHT.

moretwoitOct. 30, 12 6:15 AM

Good job, Chip. Spot-on comment, grandegringo.

gopherfollyOct. 30, 12 6:21 AM

The projected snow, rain and sleet should really boost attendance for this Sat's game!!

midwestgolfOct. 30, 12 6:22 AM

the U has played games with the season ticket structure in all of its revenue producing sports and now its coming back to bite them in the behind. priority seating? are you kidding me? of the 3 major sports at the U, only hockey has produced a winning program in recent years but the athletic department prices their tickets like they have all won national titles. you want people in seats? give them some value for their money. price the seats so they are more affordable AND put a winning program on the field. there are a LOT of people out there that would love to see the football program win again but they're patience is gone after 50+ years of losing teams. Norwood, are you listening?

kinnickOct. 30, 12 6:29 AM

Two years ago I paid 75 dollars for a Gopher - Iowa game ticket,Minnesota 'fans' were selling theirs for 10 dollats,how pathetic.Sadly there is thousands of peoplw in this state that don't have a clue what Big 10 football is all about,

gopherfollyOct. 30, 12 6:30 AM

Repeat after me: Purdue is an unmitigated disaster of a college football team, 0-4 in the Big 10 and will fire their coach before season's end!

solarnowOct. 30, 12 7:27 AM

gopherfolly: So you're saying that the Gophers won a game they should have won. That is progress.

johnsq316Oct. 30, 12 8:08 AM

If the University was serious about making it a big time college environment, they'd do something similar to what Wisconsin does - shut down University Av thru campus at 7AM on game day, park 10 food trucks on the campus side of the street and a beer trailer at each end. The students would make it into a party, and they'd fill the stands at game time. Or just, you know, win football games.

fdrebinOct. 30, 12 8:23 AM

Why does everyone keep trying to put lipstick on a pig? Until Kill has at least ONE 500 Big Ten record, this team is still a pig, toilet bowl participant or not.


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