Fehr in town to meet with players

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2012 - 6:30 AM

The executive director of the NHL Players' Association said some players are beginning to worry about wages lost in the lockout.

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ChasmannOct. 29, 1210:52 PM

Pretty sure Fehr is still getting paid.

abemntocalOct. 29, 1211:01 PM

Thanks for pointing out the main point of contention Mr. Russo, the immediate reduction in salaries that the owners want. That is the reason they locked the players out. And Mr. Fehr has refused to approach that issue in any way which in my mind makes him the one who is stretching this out. If he would make any step in reducing salaries immediately the two sides could at least talk. I have no idea what that step would be, but that would at least get the two sides talking, which would be nice!

jabuyerOct. 30, 12 1:34 AM

Don't get caught up in the details. Fehr is simply seeking a big win and that's not going to be forthcoming. He doesn't care. The guy hasn't been relevant since he won big in baseball, and he has no incentive to make a deal and lose the limelight now. Look how many column inches he generates by just showing up. This is the guy who will keep you from watching hockey this season. And lose his sheep . . . er, clients a bundle of money in the process. But keep stroking his ego, because that's what he wants more than anything.

kleinerpOct. 30, 12 6:35 AM

Donald Fehr ruined baseball and he is in the process of doing the same thing for hockey.

dicer666Oct. 30, 12 7:47 AM

If I'm a owner, I would tell the players to sign 50/50 and if they don't, every week pass by it would drop by 5%. If I'm a owner of a business, I never would let "employees" dictate how much profit they get from MY BUSINESS!!! If/when I own a business in the future and the employees talk about forming a union, they would be fired and close the door.

tcatheartOct. 30, 12 8:02 AM

For the love of god, get this thing figured out. I think they are seriously underestimating just how much they are hurting fans in their very niche sport. I am a hockey fan through and through. Always have been, always will be. And as excited as I was for Parise and Suter, I don't know if I can go back to the Wild when the lockout ends. I may just stick with college and high school hockey.

mike2636Oct. 30, 12 8:29 AM

In 2008 I gave up on the Wild and cancelled my season tickets. Then on the 4th of July I thought for awhile about how maybe I should have kept them....Well luckily I didn't do anything stupid and give them any more of my money....NHL = joke.

dirtydogsOct. 30, 1210:22 AM

This is America...land of free trade. The owners have every right to pay the players what they want....with no salary cap. The players union is ruining this game. And the owners should be able to take part in free trade without having a salary cap. We are not a socialist country.

dl00025Oct. 30, 1211:39 AM

sure would be nice to have the Wild games to look forward to to help me forget about the twins and may be the vikings.. I also would like to start a new tradition in my family by taking my wife and two kids to a game every year but its looking more and more like there will not be a season at all. Fehr isn't going to be able to remove the salary cap in hockey in my opinon. Baseball and Hockey aren't even in the same galaxy as far as popularity and more importantly not even close to drawing the kind of revenue that MLB does. Get this done or I agree with many fans that soon poeple will just stop caring and will forget about it. Baseball and Football people won't forget.. NHL.. eh... Other levels of Hockey are quite a bit of fun to watch too.

northsportsOct. 30, 12 2:08 PM

The owners could have self corrected if they were truly in an economic bind by simply budgeting accordingly. The owners had the ability to come in at the cap minimum which is $16M below the maximum per team. They chose to offer and sign contracts that put them in this situation and now they don't want to honor these contracts. Honor is the "key" word here. If they knew they were in a hardship situation they could have and would have "self corrected" on their own to set things up for a good negotiaiting position to resolve the main issue. This points to a power play by the owners as they were able to get huge concessions from the players last time they locked them out and they want more. Keep in mind that salaries were at about the 75% mark of revenues prior to the last lockout. The players were basically forced to bring in Fehr to deal with Bettman who is in the 3rd lockout of his tenure. This is why professional sports which are basically a monopoly need to be forced into binding arbitration at least 30 days prior to the start of any pro sports season. This ensures that the season will be played and that both sides(especially the owners) will be more motivated to bargain in good faith. It also ensures that the fans who make this all work financially through their support don't get dumped on and the average wage earner who is dependent on the league in question being active to generate the revenue for their wages does not get hurt in the process either. You know, the little guy per say. It was and is very diengenuous of the owners to offer and sign contracts thet they had no intention of honoring. It is due to this that there is a HUGE question mark hanging over the negotiations because of the "trust" issue. Keep in mind that every good relationship is based on trust. The lack of communication by the owners after what they have done is not helping and is a "power position" which is abusive in nature. The players need to offer up binding arbitration just to show the fans who is really being the "bad guys" here !


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