Minnesota Poll: Klobuchar stretches lead over Bills

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2012 - 9:46 AM

Poll shows commanding advantage in support, recognition.

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pman5595Oct. 29, 1211:12 PM

Amy Klobuchar is a good senator, plain and simple.

groover6Oct. 29, 1211:18 PM

Has the Star Tribune ever run a "negative" story about Amy K? At least they could mention what she promised to do during her last election and remind the voters about her failed campaign promises!

upnorth85Oct. 29, 1211:41 PM

I would vote Republicans if they were fiscally conservative. But all they have to give are anti abortion and trying to limit women's rights and forcing their religion down everyone else's throat. While not impressed with Amy for having voted to tag a tax on medical device companies, there is no alternative so she will get my vote. Al Franken on the other hand has been amazing. He stands for the little guy. I can't wait to donate for his election campaign when he is up for reelection. He is the most honest guy in the senate.

goferfanzOct. 29, 1211:46 PM

If true, then this is simply mindboggling. The incoming Senate class of 1/2007 arrived in very good economic times, it lasted another year, and then they presided over an economic downturn of epic proportions. Even worse, they wont write budgets anymore, either. The funding of two war surges, well, it hasnt been a good six years.......so, why reelect her?

lh_3310Oct. 29, 1211:53 PM

@groover6: Newsflash.....every single politician ever has broken promises. Klobuchar has done a remarkable job considering today's political landscape where democrats and republicans seem to be farther apart than ever.

perronjpOct. 30, 12 4:46 AM

Backing the economy ruining Obamacare is reason enough to send her packing. Sixty Dems voted for that in the middle of the night on a weekend to make it law. No one had read the massive bill, and most of it doesn't start raiding our wallets until after this election. What a coincidence. Amy is a certain vote for Obama whenever he needs one (Al too). She is quite simply a big government politician who forever will steer this country towards financial ruin. She seems like a nice person, but as a Senator she has hung us out to dry. Any politician that voted for Obamacare should have to go.

censormaxxOct. 30, 12 5:25 AM

A U.S. Senate seat is far too important to have someone like Klobuchar filling it. She may be a fine administrator (except for her corrupt ways) but she is no leader. The fiscal disaster about to hit this country requires someone who doesn't look to federal printing press for every solution to this countrys' problems. Amy is great at helping out others...but always by taking from others to help others. Each person now owes $51,000 in federal debt -- over 1/2 of that accrued during Amy's time in office. Thanks Amy for screwing future generations of Americans. Kurt Bills has shown the kind of thoughtful consideration to what needs to happen to pull us back from the brink of economic destruction. Vote Kurt Bills.

comment229Oct. 30, 12 7:06 AM

I am going to vote for Klobuchar. It does not mean that I completely disagree with Bills. I have listened to him several times and you can tell he does think things through thoroughly, and even comes up with his own ideas once in awhile. Where he lost me every single time, is near the end of his interview or speech, when he falls in line with the hard line republicans and lobbyists taking their position dismissing his own logic and conclusions. Someone said Klobuchar was not a leader; I doubt that statement is true, but I know too many republicans including Bills, that would vote a straight party line and even sign a piece of paper saying they will, and as an independent, that goes again everything I stand for. I want somebody smart (and Bills is that) who has a mind of his own and is not afraid to vote against the party line on issues (and Bills is not that).

luzhishenOct. 30, 12 7:17 AM

The GOP shows how much it cares for the Ron Paul people by their lack of support for Bills. You guys just got the "treatment"...

jdlellis1Oct. 30, 12 7:31 AM

Not a surprising endorsement. While competent Senator Klobuchar epitomizes "Minnesota Nice" but lacks the ability to lead (leadership is not a popularity contest). Senator Klobuchar will hold this position until she decides not to run as the constituency wants nice over leadership.


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