Minneapolis homeless pupils lag in math

  • Article by: STEVE BRANDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 30, 2012 - 9:08 AM

U study finds that effects can last years; those who move often also show diminished math performance.

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comment229Oct. 30, 12 4:49 AM

There's a reason why some kids move from neighborhood and city to city, which this article calls "highly mobile." Have you ever taken the time to figure out why they move so often? I have and I'm not telling. Perhaps in your research, you will be enlightened to not only this issue, but a whole lot of other issues. Math, is the least of their worries.

comment229Oct. 30, 12 4:52 AM

Further, if I am to believe what I read, then society and culture are major factors in the success of a student in school. So why do I keep reading that it is an incompetent teacher? And how come government gimmicky programs don't address the real problems of education in America? It's time this country takes a real strong look at education, and reforms are simply not going to change it. We need to start over and get education into the 21st century.

milkman53Oct. 30, 12 6:48 AM

Maybe instead of blaiming teachers for the test scores of homeless kids we should get inside the "homes" of these kids and give them some stability. And yes, that will cost us some additional money. Anything less is too silly to suggest.

minneg56Oct. 30, 12 7:18 AM

I'm not sure a study or committee was needed to reach this conclusion. Maslow's hiearchy of needs would have answered the question quite nicely. Kids need stability. The economy over the past 6 years hasn't facilitated stability for anyone. Hey kid- food or the Pythogorean Theorem ... what'll ya' have? Do the math. Kids- sorry but greedy adults are leaving you a sorry world.

sternitzkyOct. 30, 12 7:28 AM

I am sure every teacher already knew this without the need to conduct a study.

FrankLOct. 30, 12 8:39 AM

So does this mean that children of military families also have low math scores? After all they move frequently, often across the country with only short notice.

higgins04Oct. 30, 12 9:20 AM

FrankL you are missing the point. Kids in military families move, but they still have a home, with parents, food on the table, etc. Homeless, means you are without all of these things and are barely hanging on.

UptownsnodOct. 30, 12 9:24 AM

FrankL -- My guess is that is what the study shows. However 55% of those kids beat the norm as well. Agreed, pretty lame study. Probably more pressure on the kids in terms of peers and acceptance than "hey I need food today"....Way to prove a theory most would call common sense.

EleanoreOct. 30, 12 9:55 AM

I'd like to commend the fiest posters here for not bringing race into the equation. Am I correct. the primary variable here we're talking about is economic means and economic security of the parent(s)? If so, that isn't a "School fix" it's a societal one and bringing more jobs back here from overseas, as well as improving access to educational facilities for higher education so parents can get the skills they need to succeed in those jobs would be good steps to mitigate this stiuation.

gohospitalOct. 30, 1210:01 AM

Why does it take a University study to figure out that a child without a stable home life would have lower scores. Like someone said get in the homes and see what's going on .


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