A Special Olympian takes on a media bully

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  • Updated: October 29, 2012 - 12:03 PM

He tells Ann Coulter that the casual use of a certain word is repugnant to people who have learning or developmental disabilities.

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truthhurts73Oct. 29, 1212:29 PM

In general I feel people are WAY to sensative about certain words and phrases, but I have to agree with the writer, there is really no place for it. He was very couragous for sticking himself in the limelight over this issue.

carl12345Oct. 29, 1212:29 PM

My daughter reminded me that when people insult others, it's usually a reflection of how they feel about themselves, rather than who they speak of. Some feel no value and decide to combat that by disparaging others. Ms. Coulter makes a life doing this. We can only hope that she and others like her learn to think before they act and speak. "What a wonderful world it would be." I'm proud of this young man and his courage to speak up in wisdom. It's about time someone wise got the podium. Sit down Ann..shh..listen and learn. Leadership is everywhere; let us finally hear true representations of it.

ivehaditOct. 29, 1212:30 PM

Anyone who thinks FOX news should keep Ann Coulter on their network is very troubled. But FOX will keep her because a significant number of their viewers think that she has a brain. How sad for all of us!

buttlesOct. 29, 1212:34 PM

I would expect that Mr. Franklin's response will go over Ms. Coulter's head as she has demonstrated time and again that she is not capable of empathy.

omakristyOct. 29, 1212:43 PM

Ann Coulter makes her living with her acerbic Right-wing commentaries. She routinely tramples on people who are different and displays little or no respect for anyone who does not agree with her. Shame on her for the tweet that initiated the response by this articulate young man. Bravo for him for calling her out with his thoughtful, articulate response. I hope she reads his letter. I hope it makes a difference to her.

voterfelonOct. 29, 1212:45 PM

The terms used for this condition are subject to a process called the euphemism treadmill. This means that whatever term is chosen for this condition, it eventually becomes perceived as an insult and then replaced by the PC crowd: Over the years the PC crowd has changed terms on an almost yearsly basis. From mentally retarded, to handicapped, to intellectual disability, to intellectually challenged challenged. What is the politically correct term this year?

roscoe2511Oct. 29, 1212:53 PM

stolaf80 - You are being ridiculous on many counts. First of all, this isn't a free speech issue. She is free to say what she likes, the government isn't censoring her. Being free to say it does not change the fact that it is inappropriate, just as a certain 'N' word would be to the black community. Then to bring up Sharia law? I fail to see any connection here. You are bending over so far to make Coulter into a victim when she does the offending that I hope you didn't injure yourself in the process.

gandalf48Oct. 29, 12 1:02 PM

Odd how Bill Maher has used the "R-word" on numerous occasions and yet there was no commentary on his usage...funny how conservatives are the only ones held to these standards. Oh well, free pass for the liberals once again.

voterfelonOct. 29, 12 1:05 PM

Liberals hate Ann Coulter because she is intelligent, articulate and extremely beautiful.

nortcydOct. 29, 12 1:06 PM

I glad this young man is writing a letter on his judgement of Ann Coulter's choice of speech. Hopefully he makes some extra copies and sends them off to Maher, HuffPo, Matthews, Schultz, Madow, Reid, Pelosi, SNL, NBC, CBS, ABC, NAACP, Limbaugh, and everyone else I forgot to mention.


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