Cravaack works to close gap with labor

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 27, 2012 - 10:04 PM

In battle to hold his seat in Congress, a Minnesota Republican fights Rick Nolan on what has been DFL turf.

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BUDOct. 28, 1212:14 AM

With the commercials I've been watching, I wouldn't vote for either one of these guys.

comment229Oct. 28, 12 4:44 AM

Imagine that, a republican saying what he has to say to get elected. The key phrase in this article was that he voted in line with the rest of the republicans and that translates into one thing; his political party comes first, the majority of his constituents come second.

norselandcOct. 28, 12 5:21 AM

A wolf in sheep's clothing indeed. Chip is part of the House Republican caucus. Therefore, he has no voice of his own in Congress. He is beholden to the positions laid out by leadership. He will vote lockstep with the lackeys for big business, union busting and misogyny. Don't be fooled, 8th District! Chip will sell you down the river if he gets in a pinch.

chickfilaOct. 28, 12 6:08 AM

Cravaack is by far the better choice. Hopefully his district will make the right choice again, sounds like they will.

george13Oct. 28, 12 9:04 AM

Chip is the very definition of a carpetbagger. He's a shameless opportunist who doesn't live here or understand Minnesotans.

sanitypleaseOct. 28, 12 9:19 AM

Classic hypocritical Republican. Vote for less government while collecting $80,000 a year for disability for sleep apnea

YoganaziOct. 28, 1210:57 AM

Since Chip is gainfully employed, why is he continuing to collect 80 grand a year in disability payments for sleep apnea? Apparently, Chip, nor his disability insurer, has ever heard of a cpap machine. 80 grand is more than most of his constituents make in a year!!!

fentanylOct. 28, 1211:06 AM

I would like to have Chip release his medical records. He is not "fit for duty" and is collecting disability- so how is he capable of holding public office? What a scam!!!

gutshotOct. 28, 1211:56 AM

Ok, this is simple. Cravaack had a gov't job (Navy) until he got a gov't pension. At the same time, he had a NWA/Delta job (taking gov't unemployment when on furlough) until he became "disabled" with sleep apnea and got another pension (92k?, i heard 79k but whatever). Then, as a lark, he runs for congress and, to his surprise (ala Jessie) actually wins--now what? OK, let's stretch this out for 6 years and he gets a another gov't pension (40k+). A few years later he gets Soc Sec (about 30k+). So, two pensions, disability and Soc. Sec. (totaling about 200k) All while railing against gov't spending and pretending to live in MN!!!! Not bad--but who's the fool here? IMO the good taxpaying people of the USA and, in particular, the 8th CD,, if they are so foolish as to give him another term. Chip the gig is up move on please, you or the Mrs. can surely afford to stay at home with your child (very sorry that he has a disability)!!!

oldseniorOct. 28, 1212:39 PM

I just love a man who complaine that this man was not a man who lived in the state he was running in sooo here he is again with two homes or three it all depends where he is at that day yes they all have problems i am a independed but i want my man living here twenty four seven usless there is something very inportant in washington dc then ok he can go an vote but if you are a minnesota guy an your family should be too i guess it comes down to that good old word MONEY which seems to me they all follow the money right and that is the family wife an so fort!


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