Retailers relying more on part-time workers

  • Article by: STEVEN GREENHOUSE , New York Times
  • Updated: October 27, 2012 - 11:45 PM

At the vast majority of large U.S. retailers, most employees work part time, with stores changing many of their workers' schedules week to week.

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peapod87Oct. 27, 12 5:33 PM

This kind of practice is despicable. The benefit only outweighs the cost for the few people at the top, those who have control over their schedules, who have full time jobs, and stability. For everyone else, the part-timers, it sucks for them and it sucks for their children. I feel ashamed even going into places that I know do this to their employees.

theagonybhoOct. 27, 12 5:45 PM

Thats the new norm in the Obama economy, part time. His policies (OBAMACARE) made it less attractive to hire FTE'S.

martin68Oct. 27, 12 5:46 PM

Obamacare will force companies to pay for health insurance if they work 30+ hours. What a coincidence that the person in the article is working 28 hours?

getcrazyOct. 27, 12 6:05 PM

What a sham of an excuse for having so many part-time workers. This is how it happens. A new Walmart store comes to town with big claims about all these new jobs they will create. It is actually true and here is how. They run all the business that already exist with full-time employees out of town. Then they hire only part-time employees or mostly part-time employees. So a person goes from a full-time job with benefits to a part-time job with no benefits and they certainly can't afford to get their own medical care on a part-time job salary. Then guess who picks up the tab if they get sick? You, the middle class and all so the Walton family can stuff another billion into their family vault this year. There are many conservatives that will telly that the 1% pay their fair share but with policies like this - it's how they rip off the middle class even further. There is a thing called socialism and there is a thing called social responsibility. The left isn't asking for socialism. They are asking for social responsibility. Four people in the Walton family could give up 10% of their profits from Walmart from one single year and provide healthcare and a buck an hour raise for all 125,000 employees - for 25 years. Solely from 10% of the profits. They won't because the NEED those billions and do not care about social responsibility. They'll let their employees either be sick or they'll make the middle class pay for it. Now, tell me why you should shop there. Either you like paying for other peoples healthcare or you love making the 1% more wealthy while they make you poorer. If you cheer the billionaires on for doing what they do while they steal from you you have to consider how you look in the eyes of a person with an average I.Q.

ivehaditOct. 27, 12 6:19 PM

theagonybho: "Thats the new norm in the Obama economy, part time. His policies (OBAMACARE) made it less attractive to hire FTE'S." What a load of garbage! Employers are trying to cut back on benefits to funnel more money into the pockets of rich investors like Romney and Ryan. Obamacare isn't in effect now, yet this practice has been going on for many years. Simple greed of the already very wealthy.

cman2500Oct. 27, 12 6:20 PM

Wait until 2014 with the new health insurance changes.Most companies will move people to contract,part-time or just pay the fine.Total disaster coming our way. Enjoy the new norm !!

chuckdancerOct. 27, 12 6:42 PM

The health reform will not roll out until 2014. So that cann' be why workers get part time instead of full time. But, part time instead of full time is exactly why government assistant is way up. The ignorant try to parrot the conservative elite and blame Obama. In a perfect coporate capitalist world workers would pay the capitalist to show up and do the work and then shine their shoes in gratitude. The parrots would say that is only right because the capitalist takes all the "risk". With more and more Americans becoming educated by conservative propaganda look for this to be coming to your community sooner rather than later. In the mean time corporate capitalists instruct their sheep how to cast their votes if they want to work at all. It seems corporate capitalists still have to make token tax payments and their boy is here to put a stop to that.

falcon1681Oct. 27, 12 6:54 PM

theagonybho - Thats the new norm in the Obama economy, part time. His policies (OBAMACARE) made it less attractive to hire FTE'S. ------------ It's just to bad your rhetoric goes out the door when the facts really are that this has been a growing retail pattern long before Obama took office.

conniemercerOct. 27, 12 6:57 PM

Despicable? A poster calls it despicable? Retail is entry level work. It requires no experience and a GED or less. Assigning hours based on customer demand only makes sense. And, with ObamaCare lurking around the corner and the heavy tax burden it carries you can bet that more and more employers will create part time jobs. Thank you obama! This is what we get for electing a president with NO business experience.

choochoo12Oct. 27, 12 6:59 PM

Obama and the Democrats were TOLD this would happen because of the insurance coverage mandate in Obamacare. Companies with thin margins with unskilled workers will be cutting hours to get the workers beneath the threshold that triggers mandatory insurance coverage. Duh. Who gets hurt? High school kids and college kids trying to earn money for college. Anybody who needs to work but DOES NOT need the insurance coverage will be hurt, as well.


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