Russo: Plenty of blame, but fewer NHL games

  • Updated: October 27, 2012 - 8:26 AM

The league has just scrapped the first 27 percent of the season, and there is no hint of progress.

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northsportsOct. 26, 1211:14 PM

The owners have found very creative ways to get around their beloved salary cap so their is no integrity there amongst the owners themselves. Now they want the players to take a salary cut on agreed to contracts that the owners handed out and signed. The owners have also taken token measures on player safety and have been avoiding revenue sharing which should both be at the top of the list. This is also Mr. Bettman's 3rd lockout and the guy can't even skate. The players were basically forced to bring Fehr in to deal with Bettman. The owners need new leadership badly !!!

abemntocalOct. 27, 1212:26 AM

The owners locked out the players because they needed to reduce expenses now. The players have not made one proposal that reduces salaries now. Every one of their proposals talks about reducing their share of revenues in future years, getting to 50/50 in 4 years best case, but nothing now. Until that changes and they are willing to talk about reductions now no games are going to be played. So the players need to choose whether they want to give some back now, or give everything back now and play no games. So far that have not even attempted to address this issue. Mr. Fehr understands the real issue and has done nothing to address it other than to try and win a PR war. Ridiculous!

bobo72Oct. 27, 1212:41 AM

Reminder: From the owners 50%, they must pay all player salaries, all coaching staff salaries, all management staff salaries, an arena lease, arena maintenance expenses, all travel expenses, all marketing and advertising expenses, all sales taxes, all benefits packages, all...well, you get the idea. From the players 50%, they have to pay for...well...whatever car they want to drive and whatever house they want to live in.

vlombardyOct. 27, 12 8:51 AM

What I'm most worried about is: What are Vikings fans going to do without hockey to turn to?

mnjoe5078Oct. 27, 12 9:18 AM

I'd like to see this happen throughout all major league sports with the end result being salary cuts for the players AND owners along with cuts in ticket prices and concessions. I'm already to the point where I'd rather watch a game at home or in a sports bar. I could eat and drink like a king for what I'd pay for a decent seat at a Wild or Vikings game. That said, get out and support those 7th Stereet bars. They need the business with hockey gone.

mnjoe5078Oct. 27, 12 9:23 AM

@bobo72 The players do have to give a cut to their agents but very good point!

LagunaGuyOct. 27, 12 9:57 AM

With Fehr this season is over. I believe we may lose part of next year's season too.

northsportsOct. 27, 1210:42 AM

The average NHL career is 3 years in duration. It is a one in a million shot to make it to the NHL and takes an incredible amount of work, dedication and good health to even get a shot. The 50/50 split is legit but the NHL owners should have started these negotiations 2 years ago and started budgeting within the salary cap accordingly if they knew there was an issue. Nobody has forced then to spend the cap maximum as they did it to themselves. They also handed out all of these contracts with no gun to their head knowing that they were having financial issues(??). Each team had the opportunity to spend at the cap minimum to right their own ship and most chose not to and now they are using another Bettman lockout as the big stick to force the players into helping them with their self control issues. The currnet contracts are an integrity issue and the owners are failing that test !

medvezhonokOct. 27, 1211:06 AM

Dear NHL owners and the NHLPA, You have made up my mind for me. Never again will I gfo to see a wild game otr any other professional hockey game , not will I continue buying the season ticket package. The greed has got to stop!!!!! I know most fans will not agree, but that is your chopice. I think it is pathetic what the Fehr and the owners are doing to the game. Nuff Said.

medvezhonokOct. 27, 1211:10 AM

Vlombardy,, I have a season ticket package to watch the NCAA Championship Golden Gopher Hockey. That is what I will turn to for getting and over never watching the NHL on TV or live again. I also still have tyhe Vikings and have watched them religiously for over 50 years.


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