Editorial: Job creator Jim Graves best choice for sixth district

  • Article by: EDITORIAL BOARD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2012 - 10:10 PM

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann's extremism is roadblock to balancing the budget.

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davewtcOct. 26, 12 9:46 PM

We'll see what the 6th does not that they have a true quality candidate in Graves who might just go to Washington and do something constructive. Or will they go zombie again and tick the box for the fear- and hate-mongering Bachmann. Make us proud 6th: get rid of her while you have a great alternative.

bigticketOct. 26, 1210:14 PM

What a complete and total shock. I'm quite positive that if Osama Bin Laden were running against Bachmann that this editorial staff would have a difficult choosing who they would endorse, as if it really mattered anyway.

hawkeye56379Oct. 26, 1210:29 PM

Graves deserves the nod just for being sane.

goferfanzOct. 26, 1211:03 PM

Wow. The pettiness just oozes from this editorial as it acknowledges that Bachmann yet again wanted no part of the cartoonish players who lay claim to the grand title "editorial board." I dont know if it is funnier that the faux Catholic Graves , who runs the ads getting a D, is good for America OR that budget hawk Bachmann is the problem in the era of Owebama. It will be extra delightful to see Shelly win ,again, on Nov 6th.

LakeliverOct. 26, 1211:09 PM

goferfanz: Michele Bachmann is an expert at pettiness. She thrives on conflict and divisiveness. We've really had enough of both in our politics.

barrybrightOct. 26, 1211:11 PM

Lets see if you are a job creator with business background you would be a good candidate for Washinton. So the clear choice for President would be Romney and not that community organizer, right?...

martytoilOct. 27, 1212:12 AM

Would someone please tell me one thing that MB has actually done?

sjhuotOct. 27, 1212:22 AM

Only problem, Romney hasn't been a job creator. He has been a fortunate son, however...

RossbergOct. 27, 1212:26 AM

Time was when, if you aspired to national office, you went through the process of learning the ropes by first serving on a school board or city council and then worked up through being a state legislator. Apparently Mr. Graves needs to pass through no such prerequisites. Judging from the tone of the editorial virtually anyone other than Rep. Bachmann would be whole-heartedly endorsed, no matter what their credentials or fitness for office. High praise indeed for Mr. Graves who seems to have no qualifications or experience. Despite the fact that Rep. Bachmann is a polarizing figure, trying to convince the public that the talents needed to run a hotel chain coupled with no elected office experience are a sufficient background for one to be a successful US Representative is a betrayal of the residents of the 6th District through a desperate effort to replace her with someone, anyone who is not her.

chickfilaOct. 27, 12 1:17 AM

Any supporter of Obamacare like Graves is a job killer, not creator.


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