U athletic director: The $800,000 schedule decision

  • Article by: NORWOOD TEAGUE
  • Updated: October 26, 2012 - 8:32 PM

Norwood Teague says the expense will be recovered through football program revenues and future private fundraising.

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pjurvis19Oct. 26, 12 8:44 PM

I will wait over time to pass judgement on Mr. Teague, but I completely think it's embarrassing, pathetic and downright stupid that we cancelled the games vs. UNC and even more pathetic that it cost us $800k to do so

bobojoOct. 26, 12 8:44 PM

That money is wasted and gone. Perhaps you can afford it but you can never get it back. Don't expect us to believe otherwise.

nordeastguyOct. 26, 12 8:55 PM

You don't become 'relevant' by playing much weaker teams. Mason was fired for going 6-6 and losing in bowl games but that now seems to be the goal. Good luck with that fundraising.

jskjsk5Oct. 26, 12 9:03 PM

A very shallow PR statement. No attempt whatsoever to address the actual issues: How is it helpful for building the football program to spend $800K to back out of two games (one per season) against a mediocre opponent? If it is somehow helpful, how is it worth the $. If Mr. Teague really had concern or respect for the University community, he would make some attempt at an actual response to the criticism, or even better yet, admit their decision-making and priorities are messed up and come up with a plan for improvement.

binky11010Oct. 26, 12 9:09 PM

Mr. Teague never actually says why he agreed to cancel the games. He hints it's so the Gophers get better shot at a bowl game, and that's supposed to make us infer that the way to do that is to play The Little Sisters of the Poor instead of a quality opponent. And how well is it working this year? We went 4-0 beating up on dogs and it doesn't look promising for six wins (which would only put us in Detroit on December 26 anyway).

william16Oct. 26, 12 9:10 PM

A. This explanation should have accompanied the decision a week and a half ago to cancel these games. The fact that it didn't occur--until now--reveals a shockingly poor sense of judgement and p.r. savvy by Mr. Teague. The U took a risk in hiring Mr. Teague, as he had no prior Div. I football admin experience at VCU; that lack of experience shows in his willingness to defer to Coach Kill on this decision. B. Regardless of whether Mr. Teague believes the $800K may be recovered through future football program revenue and private fundraising, the U will still be short $800K. It's the same as if you lost your mind and blew $800K gambling; even if you eventually earned $800K again, you still lost $800K.

cavellOct. 26, 12 9:17 PM

football revenues? if we would have played NC, and not paid the 800k, we would be 800k ahead and gotten revenue from ticket sales and concessions.

la2309Oct. 26, 12 9:24 PM


grameebabsOct. 26, 12 9:24 PM

Let's do a little math here. $800,000 was expended for what, in my opinion, was a horrible decision. It's gone, kaput, finis. Now we are told it can be recouped. That means that the minus $800,000 line item could be balanced out to zero with an influx of $800,000. My take is that if the expenditure hadn't been made, there exists the possibility of $800,000 to the good instead of zero. Unless, of course, the hypothetical offset comes from donors to a "help us fix this fiscal mess" fund. Just sayin'.

davestrib00Oct. 26, 12 9:49 PM

Happy he decided to waste 800K hoping to win a game. If he raises 800K it could have done to other needs at the U. Teague forgot something. The U is a public institution and he reports to us, not the other way around.


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