Bank worker fired by Wells Fargo for minor crime 50 years ago declines offer to return to work

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: October 26, 2012 - 2:56 PM

DES MOINES, Iowa - Richard Eggers, the 68-year-old Iowa man whose firing this summer from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage over a minor crime 50 years ago stirred national interest, has said he won't return to his job unless the bank changes a background check policy that he believes discriminates against low-level workers.

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DufferHOct. 26, 12 3:15 PM

I'm certainly not defending Wells Fargo, but apparently they had no choice the way the regulation was written. It doesn't appear to be very well thought out. Wells Fargo appears to have acted properly in offering the man a return to work after being notified he got the waiver.

banne1955Oct. 26, 12 3:33 PM

That was a ridiculously pathetic thing that Wells Fargo did. They certainly had a choice. They could have investigated further to obtain the waiver without this ever having to happen. To be fired over something that was SO minor and that happened 50 years ago is inexcusable.

marathongirlOct. 26, 12 3:45 PM

The consequences of too much government. I'm not saying that banks should hire people who have committed certain crimes or not, but it's like the lead paint in toys thing, it was so strict that it put some companies out of business and was used in a way that wasn't a danger to anyone. There are always unintended consequences. So much for creating jobs...but wait, this is creating jobs, but firing some, others can get hired right?

nw5746Oct. 26, 12 3:54 PM

Give me a break. A cardboard dime 50 years ago? Are they going to start cracking down on past due libary books next? Maybe once in awhile somebody just needs to step back and apply some common sense to a situation like this.

hobie2Oct. 26, 12 4:05 PM

and we wonder why unemployment is slow to drop... you want a job? no convictions, not drugs, no child support payments missed, not on the government watch list, and no bad credit ratings. What a screwed up place.

ralph6767Oct. 26, 12 4:41 PM

So top executives in the industry who were responsible for the banking crisis and plunging the country into one of the worst recessions ever keep their jobs and are paid huge bonuses, while some guy who ripped off a dime when he was a teen 50 years ago gets fired? Being wealthy sure has its rewards.

gwbuddyOct. 26, 12 4:56 PM

I think that many of us did some Stupid, Juvenile Behavior, things when we younger. Here's my confession of a Crime that also involved a Dime, or $0.10, 30+ years ago, I went into a Minneapolis Hotel to use one of the Pay Phones. Remember Those? I was about to put a REAL dime into the machine when my friend ran up to me. My friend told me: "Just Dial This Secret Number For a FREE Call!" Looks like I'm as "Guilty" as Mr. Eggers. I was never arrested or anything. Just told to NOT try my "FREE CALL" prank again. So why wasn't Mr. Eggers also given a break?

digiserv66Oct. 26, 12 5:08 PM

Another example of the CFPB at work. Write a rule, then think about the impact later.

sunshine59Oct. 26, 12 5:22 PM

So if we as a society don't like the laws that are created, why do we continually reelect congress on BOTH sides of the isle? In other words, why isn't the American public clearing house since ALL law makers are responsible for the laws passed? Even if they didn't vote yes on some, they voted yes on others. We always pass of blame to the "other" guy never the one that we voted for.

mwal03Oct. 26, 12 5:26 PM

It is a Federal Law The Bank has no choice but to follow the new law. They offered him his old position back after an official waiver was issued. Come on people this wasn't a case of a large Bank being mean.


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