Souhan: Vikings bubble bursts in face of team and fan base

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2012 - 6:54 AM
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freedubayOct. 26, 1212:22 AM

All week we've read how great of job Spillman has done putting this team together. And what a great job of Frazier has done. Ooops.

mninhawaiiOct. 26, 1212:42 AM

Frazier is simply not a good coach.So dissapointing but at least now my Sunday won't be ruined.

cootoriginalOct. 26, 12 1:10 AM

Christian Laettner -> Christian Ponder. Gee, just a coincidence?

redgrange12Oct. 26, 12 1:20 AM

Wait, Jim left out the best part - Chris Cook broke his wrist! So much for the good luck on injuries so far this season. I think we're about to find out how good (movin' on up) Jefferson is.

vikesprideOct. 26, 12 1:47 AM

What a complete disappointment from start to finish - down by 13 before fans even blinked. Like to say it was an off night for the Vikes but it feels more like this ugly monster had been lurking in the shadows and finally it reared its ugly head (even more then during the game vs. Redskins). Arizona has injuries and is probably a bit over hyped (though they have a decent defense) so the Vikes definitely did not face the best team in the league when playing the Cardinals. When the Vikings have faced offenses that have athletic QBs and a few other weapons they have seriously struggled to slow those teams. Poor play calling, poor QB play, defense couldn't stop a Pop Warner team tonight, corner backs allowed Tampa receivers to run routes at will - no jamming at the line of scrimmage. If it weren't for Peterson and Harvin Vikes may not have scored. What a step backwards. Only thing to say is I hope the Vikings do some serious learning from this and use it to better themselves.

coolhandlukeOct. 26, 12 2:09 AM

Anybody who has actually watched all the games and paid attention to them (this automatically eliminates everyone who writes for the strib) knew that this team's record was smoke and mirrors. The offense has not been good for a month, dating back to the Detroit game where it did not score a TD. Christian Ponder has regressed every single game since San Fran, culminating in an absolutely dreadful performance tonight on national tv. You cannot sustain winning by throwing the football behind the line of scrimmage all game long. 5 - 3 now, I think they lose the next two road games to go into the break 5 - 5. And then 5 games among GB/CHI/HOU? This looks like a 7 - 9 season at best.

thetruthincOct. 26, 12 2:20 AM

LOL!!! Thre vikings got schooled at home by a 2-4 club with a rookie head coach. This game should speak VOLUMES to all the minority of purple homers that believed the hype that Winter Park was shoveling (in order to sell more overpriced tickets) that this team was a playoff caliber club with enough talent to squeek into the playoffs. What a complete FARCE!!! 7-9 is the best we can hope for.

twinsfanwy1Oct. 26, 12 2:20 AM

Frazier isn't a legit HC. He backed into the job when Chilly got the axe (deservedly). But it was Frazier's defense vs. Chicago and Green Bay that cost Chilly. So a good question is why the Wilfs' ever hired Frazier in the first place? He didn't earn the job. Maybe it was another example of the Wilfs' poor decionmaking. Firing Tice before he even had a chance to call his wife to let her know what was coming...Tice is doing his est to make sure Minnesota continues to pay for tht one...hiring Chilly over a staek dinner...well, he wasn't the best choice, was he?...Hired Frazier? Another stupid mistake...looking forward to the Vikings tanking the rest of the season...maybe then we'll get some real change...or, doubt it, that would involve the clkueless Wilfs to sell the team. Too bad this team is staying in Minnesota...right now I HATE YOU!!!

arhodes777Oct. 26, 12 2:29 AM

Have to agree with twinsfanwy1, this team was assembled wrong from the top. Wilfs is simply a clueless entrepreneur who doesn't know squat about how to hire the right people for the right job in the National Football Frazier's nice guyisms don't win championships. Ponder is a mistake, he looks like a bad college QB. This team will be crushed this season...7-9...the Vikings are pathetic again.

bbvdanOct. 26, 12 2:54 AM

We enjoyed the cute litte story while it lasted. We just hoped it would. You can't win with an average college QB and myriad other problems. Just a shame AP and Percey's primes will be wasted when they are such great talents.


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