Scoggins: Fans justified in booing Ponder, offense

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 26, 2012 - 11:38 AM

There were only flashes Thursday night of the kind of offensive play needed to succeed in the NFL.

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elo_62Oct. 26, 1212:47 AM

Yes, it is way okay to boo when the team is not performing up to standard! Given the cost of game tickets, concessions, etc. the fans deserve to see a quality product on the field. Perhaps the Viking players are dreading that long flight to Wembley Stadium so much that they cannot focus on the 2012 season any longer. It could be the fans are also booing out of frustration because Vikings ownership will not disclose Personal Seating License costs for the new stadium to the STH. Maybe the Viking ticket office is booing since their jobs are so much more difficult in selling tickets for a less than par team. There are a number of reasons to boo. The performance Thursday night is just the tip of the iceberg.

billyscOct. 26, 1212:50 AM

While I "hope" Ponder will be the QB the Vikings need to lead them to the SB, I continue to lose more confidence with every game. True leaders at QB get their fellow players and fans to believe they can win every game. When was the last time Ponder LED this team and it's fans to victory? Ok...maybe we can count the SF game. BUT teams don't win SB by winning ONE game. Good QBs lead their team through out the season giving players and fans confidence they can win the games they should win and optimism by winning a few games they shouldn't have won. Until Ponder proves he can lead the Vikings to a SB, I believe the Vikings should continue to pursue the best QB in the draft.

rad300Oct. 26, 1212:58 AM

Joe Webb the end!

redgrange12Oct. 26, 1212:59 AM

Ponder's passer rating in September... 100. His rating in October... a Tarvaris-like 76. His rating over the last three games... 64. Can't wait to see what he brings to Seattle - the toughest road venue in the NFL.

redgrange12Oct. 26, 12 1:29 AM

If the Ponder trend continues I hope we'll see a Childress-esque 'Fire Ponder' movement. He's not an NFL QB. Heck, he was barely a division 1 QB. Can't hold that against him. Hold it against Speilman. That said, looking at the last couple of years worth of drafts, can't get too down on Spielman over Ponder. Get down on Speilman and Frazier if they continue to play him if he continues to suck. There's no future with the guy so you may as well trick it up and play Webb or MBT and see if you can make the playoffs. Or, stick with Ponder, lose out and position yourself as best as possible for next year's draft. With Ponder the vikes don't win another game this year. They are awful on the road and the only beatable team is St. Louis, however, they have a very good D and the Vikes don't do well against good Ds.

twinsfanwy1Oct. 26, 12 1:44 AM

Absolutely over Ponder! Obviously, Spielamn and Frazier picked Ponder out of pure desperation. The guy totally sucks! Ponder refuses to acknowledge his mistakes...and he continues to repeat them. Riddle: What does Rick Spielman, Leslie Frazier, and Christian Ponder have in common with the new stadium? Answer: Nothing-those 3 nobodies will be fired and long gone before then. What a disgraceful showing. The Vikings should consider giving fans back their money for this game. There was no effort whatsoever. My remaining tickets will go to scalpers at this point. Don't expect me back, unless some heads roll soon.

arhodes777Oct. 26, 12 2:14 AM

No need to Ponder over Ponder... This guy is NOT the QB the Vikings need to become a championship team. Nor is there a deep threat with Ponder. He needs to sit. Leslie Frazier is a nice guy, but not an NFL quality coach. This teams flops this season...again.

manoliveOct. 26, 12 2:49 AM

Incompetant HC + incompetant QB = Loser. "I obviously have to play better for this team," Ponder said. This is starting to sound like a broken record. Frazier, if the starter sucks, bring in the reliever. At least TRY to win a game, instead of just standing silently on the sideline like an emotionless statue. If Ponder is not ready, don't be afraid to bench him. Joe Webb is one of the best athletes on the team, yet you can't find a way to get him on the field? You leave him on the sideline week after week holding a clipboard. The boos are deserved, and they should be directed at you. let's not forget the offensive coordinator. Pathetic play calling. Against one of the worst pass defenses in the league, and the game plan consists of lateral passes or 1 to 2 yard downfield passes? Horrible beyond words. Let's get the NBA season started already!Ponder must sit!

cmooreheadOct. 26, 12 3:02 AM

Ponder has lost it already. Maybe this is why Harvin walked out of camp. He couldn't understand GIVING the QB position to a guy with a NOODLE for an arm! I haven't seen him throw one ball all year with NFL caliber ZIP on it!

comment229Oct. 26, 12 4:59 AM

Want to turn it around? Fire Musgrave, and bring in Brett Favre as QB coach and offensive coordinator. If that doesn't work, I would give up on Ponder.


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