Sid Hartman: New Wild owner is drawing praise

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 12, 2008 - 10:21 PM

Commissioner Gary Bettman and Board of Governors Chairman Jeremy Jacobs are among those thrilled that Craig Leipold is officially back in the NHL.

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PooOnUApr. 12, 08 8:57 PM

Like many erstwhile Minnesota hockey fans, I knew that the Wild were going to be the best managed franchise since initial discussions were underway. Bob and his group of investors were more than hockey fans, some were business leaders by day and played in senior hockey leagues during off hours. They knew who to bring in to manage the club; hockey legends like Jacques, Mario, Mike, and others. We are very fortunate to have Craig and Phil buy the club. Let the good times continue to roll in the State of Hockey, a team of 18k.

burnsy15Apr. 12, 0810:35 PM

you knew the wild was going to be the best run organization... sure you did. Sid nice piece today... keep pumping the Wild so we can advance past the pesky but old Avs.

DrZoidbergApr. 12, 0810:46 PM

If Minnesota is the so-called "State of Hockey", then what was Minnesota all those years between the North Stars and The Wild?? In fact, why did The Stars leave in the first place??

mailee123Apr. 12, 0811:05 PM

I would tell you why the North Stars left, but then I would be repeating myself for the millionth time, and we're sick of explaining it to people like you. Between the North Stars and Wild..We were gladly cheering on college and high school hockey, unlike other states, we care about our youth. I'm so sick of people always thinking that the state of hockey always have to revolve around the NHL. It's all about our competitive youth level all the way to college level, and then the NHL.

mrk_ptmn29Apr. 12, 0811:14 PM

Why are we giving away the concessions to the Twins to a out of state company, What we have too many jobs here? No local company could handle it,say Viking? or any number of local companies? whats the deal? something smells fishy here.

DrZoidbergApr. 12, 0811:18 PM

until The Wild came to Minnesota...and I've lived here all my life. By the way, if you support high school and college hockey so much, then why does football and basketball still make more money??

mailee123Apr. 12, 0811:42 PM

Makes more money? These are kids..Where do you see the money in playing high school or college hockey?

DrZoidbergApr. 12, 0811:47 PM

on any level. The Gopher football team makes more money/revenue than the Gopher hockey team. High School football makes more money/revenue than the hockey team...etc. I'm not talking about salary, but if I was...that would also be true.

mjschumacherApr. 12, 0811:48 PM

Sorry Doc Zoid...MN has been the "State of Hockey" for some time. Maybe you just weren't aware.

mjschumacherApr. 12, 0811:48 PM

Its not just about the NHL either...look a little deeper.


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