2nd District: Kline faces fight from upstart over new turf

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 25, 2012 - 5:34 AM

Obermueller, 39, hopes to capitalize on new district lines.

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mmcinteeOct. 24, 12 9:16 PM

For once it would be nice to have the second congressional district race covered by someone who is in Minnesota. Come on Star Tribune, send someone across the Minnesota river to find out what's going on instead of making phone calls from Washington, DC.

drawthehackOct. 24, 12 9:23 PM

Yeah, Kline is all done in the 2nd and Bachmann is history in the 6th. Corey M and Kevin D, wanna put some of your own $ on that? I'll give you points, too.

hammarhead1Oct. 24, 12 9:48 PM

Kline needs to go home to Texas.

maddyinmplsOct. 24, 1210:40 PM

Good points about the coverage of this race coming from Washington. Unfortunately, for the challenger, Kline is the real deal. Kline actually had a career before running for office. The comparisons between Kline and the man he beat -- Bill Luther -- have no validity here. But, that's what happens, when you have DC reporters writing about a local race. This story told us absolutely nothing.

Mark27Oct. 24, 1210:41 PM

If this was 2006 or 2008, Obermueller would have a very good chance here. Yesterday's poll showing him within 8 points of Kline was by itself pretty impressive and underscores that Kline will need to watch his back for as long as he chooses to run in this district. However, I just don't think 2012 will see a political climate favorable enough for Democrats that Obermueller will overcome Kline's popularity in the district, even though his voting record is well to the right of the district's profile. And honestly, as someone who's meticulous tracked Minnesota elections for two decades, I'm sensing a pretty dramatic momentum loss for Obama here in Minnesota. Don't get me wrong....he'll still win as the math for a Republican victory in a federal election in Minnesota is almost completely untenable, but the victory is likely to come from locking in most of Obama's 2008 advantages in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. My sense is he'll badly underperform everywhere else in the state and probably win by the 2-3-point margins that Gore and Kerry won by. There are a couple of things guiding this gut feeling. The first is that the Upper Midwest votes like a bloc almost every four years. When Democrats do well, they win MN, IA, and WI by similar margins such as Obama did in 2008 with respective margins of 10, 9, and 14 points. But when the Democrats are barely winning in the region, it's pretty consistent amongst the three states as well as it was in 2000 and 2004 when they were all very close. Now obviously 2012 could be the year where this blows wide open, but it would certainly be a departure from recent tradition if Obama is barely winning (or barely losing) Iowa and Wisconsin as the polls currently show, yet wins Minnesota by 10 points as several polls are showing. And beyond that, Republicans seem to close well in Minnesota, resulting in some rather spectacular Democratic flameouts where they either lost races they were expected to win or eked out narrow wins in races they were expected to win big. We saw it in 1998 with Skip Humphrey, in 2000 with Al Gore, in 2002 with Roger Moe and Walter Mondale, in 2006 with Mike Hatch, and most recently in 2010 with Mark Dayton. So if you're an Obama supporter as I am, do not take Minnesota for granted. I strongly suspect it's gonna be MUCH closer than anybody thinks.

austin1227Oct. 24, 1210:43 PM

Funny how he filmed his tv commercial in the metrodome while telling how much he's against excessive govt spending.

birchtreeOct. 25, 12 6:59 AM

Kline is another old guy living in the past, trying to impose out dated ideas that have no bearing on the reality of people's lives. He isealizes a 1950s America but his ideas about education, the economy, foreign policy, women's health, and on and on are not practical for today. He had his time, but now it's someone else's time.

dakmarknetOct. 25, 12 7:36 AM

Kline's new ad about the Metrodome shows just how much he is responsible for the national debt. Remember, he is the one who has been in office that contributed to the national debt. I would think that if people in the 2nd district are serious about the debt, they would want him out of office.

olddog1800Oct. 25, 12 8:11 AM

I guess the real question is are you better off now than you were ten years ago. How much has the national debt grown since John Kline took office. How many Minnesota jobs have been lost since he took office. Does John Kline run on his record?

olddog1800Oct. 25, 12 8:13 AM

Is John Kline the solution or part of the problem?


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