Scoggins: Teague now has to show he can do more than raise funds

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2012 - 8:45 AM
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zoilovOct. 23, 12 7:37 AM

Teague showed his lack of a spine, or his lack of leadership with the Jerry Kill cancellation of the UNC series. A logical decision maker would have told Kill.."Suck it up, you're playing North Carolina, now get back to coaching your team!" The DWI issues are minor in comparison...yes they both made a mistake, but fortunately nobody was injured. The real question should be from the former AD Maturi...what made Tubby's son qualified for a high paid State job??? Who's running the show, the coaches, obviously!

oste0130Oct. 23, 12 8:02 AM

C'mon Teague, show us better than Maturi. Please!

BCanniffOct. 23, 12 8:09 AM

The fact that North Carolina is Teague's alma mater makes his handing over $800,000.00 to them highly suspicious. He could not have started out with a dumber mistake for a man hired as a fundraiser. HIs crime is far more serious and damaging to the school's reputation than these traffic tickets.

IowadudeOct. 23, 1210:37 AM

Although Mr. Teague was ostensibly hired because of his fundraising acumen, his "blunder" of throwing away $800,000 at a time when the University has been talking tuition hikes and the economy is in the tank is profoundly callous and oblivious to the condition of his fan base. I understand that Mr Teague is a star performer in a room full of high-rollers; but from the perspective of this middle class alum I have to say he shouldn't even be on the team. Until I see Teague (and Kill) give the university back the nearly 1-Million dollar "gift" of U of M cash Teague made to his alma mater in North Carolina, or at least offer a sincere apology for using extremely poor judgement, the University will no longer see any donations from me. Perhaps if enough of us see it the same way, the University president, althletic director, and the football coach might find a more prudent use of precious funds at the U of M in the future.

gopherguy79Oct. 23, 1212:27 PM

The NC series was a home and home. So, we should be offsetting that 800k with some revenue from a replacement game being played at the bank. I would have preferred watching a more competitive game, but I suspect the financial hit isn't nearly as bad as everyone thinks it is at this point.

stjohnsonOct. 23, 1212:30 PM

John Anderson has coached the baseball program for years and is told he must raise hid own funds to build a field that is falling apart. The school then says it does not have $450,000 for lights but hands over $800,000 to NC to not play. It just doesn't make sense.

nomorebrewOct. 23, 1212:34 PM

@gopherguy79 - your point is a good one, but that is based on selling out TCF and increasing season ticket sales, neither of which will happen now that the fan base is jumping off of a forever sinking ship!

commonsens4uOct. 23, 1212:46 PM

gopherguy79 - How much is the U going to have to shell out to convince another team to play 2 road games in MN instead of a home and home? You're forgetting that piece. The U will probably still have to shell out another $500,000 to the likes of SE Missouri St. for them to agree to sacrifice their own home games. That makes the NC blunder up to $1.3 Million, which 1 home game against a D-II patsy MIGHT be able to recoup, if season ticket holders are foolish enough to keep their tickets and pay full price for game tickets. There are so many tickets available for each game that anyone who pays face value is a fool.

birdpeepOct. 23, 1212:51 PM

Since football is the largest revenue sport, wouldn't you think if you were hiring someone at AD to fundraise you would aat least hire someone with experience with football at this level? On the other hand, Maturi didn't feel it necessary to hire a coach with D! expereience, so I guess all trainees are welcome.

RodcarewOct. 23, 12 1:07 PM

Norwood's black eye must really hurt. Minnesota is a big time school in a big time conference, start acting like a big time NCAA athletic director. The North Carolina move was a horrible way to get the ball rolling! The Minnesota-USC football series was competitive the past two seasons. The Gophers-Wisconsin game last Saturday was watched by no one on ESPN-U. Thank God for hockey, baseball and basketball.


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