Black voters targeted in Minnesota's marriage amendment fight

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 23, 2012 - 6:20 AM

NAACP president urges "no" vote; church leaders divided.

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startymoolijOct. 22, 12 9:12 PM

We don't need NAACP to tell us what to think or how to vote.

dtmonkeyboyOct. 22, 12 9:24 PM

That's why they call Christians a flock...because the goal is to get them to act like sheep.

getcrazyOct. 22, 12 9:31 PM

"The Rev. Jerry McAfee, president of the Minnesota State Baptist Convention, said the plea is one he'll relay to his followers. "My plan today is to vote yes, direct my people to vote yes," McAfee said."---------Maybe if the good reverend wants to limit the freedom of others out of bigotry we should also out of bigotry limit his right to practice that which seems to direct his bigotry? No, but the absence of separation of church and state could never be more apparent than with the marriage debate. Freedom of religion isn't supposed to be a permission for the wholesale removal of freedom from others but rather a way for people to be allowed to practice their beliefs as far as the property line where other peoples rights start. The good reverend has crossed the property line where other peoples rights start. I'm sure he is quite full of righteousness and indigence. Fortunately we all get to have our voices and as in the past with indifference, bigotry and discrimination the good people of this nation will stand for the right of all to have the pursuit of happiness.

StarquestOct. 22, 1210:12 PM

We want your vote on the marriage amendment. But then we want to deny you the right to vote by 2014. Talk about cynical.

billybillyOct. 22, 1210:13 PM

This is bigotry, nothing else. It will be thrown out by the SC eventually, but we should be greater than that and stand up against this hateful amendment. I would think that any African-American leader who lived through the sixties would realize that more than anyone.

braxozOct. 22, 1210:14 PM

How quickly do they forget Loving v. Virginia.

padmanOct. 22, 1211:01 PM

The majority of all Americans say they believe in God. God's mandate is for people to learn right from wrong - something that only God has the right to decide. Scripture tells us same sex is an abomination. Man tries to make all sin acceptable and destroy anything or anyone who interferes with getting in the way of sinful pleasures. God calls that "lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God." God has always used ministers of the gospel to steer society toward righteousness and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Black ministers were some of the most influential leaders in instructing and influencing the signers of the Declaration of Independence in their thinking of what would become the greatest nation on earth. Liberals now use the word "freedom" and "rights" to attack that which produces the greatest of all societies - a moral society defined by God. God bless those men and women of God that do not cave into name calling, intimidation, threats, and intolerance because they uphold God's definition of marriage, and fight to keep lovers of pleasure from redefining it!

andrew172Oct. 22, 1211:03 PM

The amendment will pass.

aceofheartsOct. 22, 1211:19 PM

99.9% of people see the need to "limit the freedom to marry". The question is, where do we draw that line? Can reasonable people disagree?

pman5595Oct. 22, 1211:24 PM

I would hope no black person would vote against civil rights.


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