New round of turmoil in Ramsey

  • Article by: PAUL LEVY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 22, 2012 - 8:13 PM

The state has been asked to investigate alleged conflicts of interest in the city.

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thecynic5712Oct. 22, 12 8:29 PM

This just smells rotten. Are you sure this isn't "Little Chicago"? I finally had to print the article so I could map out who is who.

viktorvaughnOct. 22, 1211:45 PM

Great reporting! I bet the state auditor is looking into it now. This has old-fashioned kickbacks written all over it.

ksolutionsOct. 23, 1212:06 AM

I looked at the list of staff members who left. It appears that most of them got a job promotion and an increase in salary. Maybe problems in Ramsey made them look for employment earlier than they planned, but they ended up in greener pastures.

climategateOct. 23, 12 1:34 AM

Horrible "reporting". I live in Ramsey and know the people and background. Once again Levy slants his article towards those whiners with monstrous egos, things to hide and hidden agendas.

climategateOct. 23, 12 2:53 AM

Levy interviewed Ramsey Mayor Bob Ramsey for over 6 hours and published only the comments of a few past and present council members who take every opportunity to trash the city council's actions, even they as a group voted in favor of most of them. Their votes are easy to look up, as they are archived on the city's website.

stplooklistnOct. 23, 12 5:43 AM

And people wonder why Tea Party Groups pop up

dmay88Oct. 23, 12 6:23 AM

The Town Center project was a bit grandiose when it was started. But started it was. The current city council is trying to make lemonade out of the lemon that it has been. Politics has become a very dirty and nasty business. This article, by a publication of known reputation, has clearly taken sides in this battle.

bulky70Oct. 23, 12 7:55 AM

It's okay the City still insists Target is coming! If you've ever dealt with this City Council you'll know just how corupt they are. $1.1 MM to move a liquor store? The property and business aren't worth close to that.

dahposterOct. 23, 12 8:05 AM

If you have seen the new and improved roundabout in Ramsey you will know how incompetent the city council is. The new roads on Armstrong and just horrible and poorly planned. Not to mention the eyesore of an apartment building that is being put in. Even the contractors work on the the Northstar station shake their heads and the expense going into the skyway system being put in. The city council is spending money the people just don't have!

tpain26Oct. 23, 12 8:27 AM

I can hear the sales pitch now. So you want to live in a "luxury apartment", we have those. If you look out this beautiful window you see this 4 story executive parking structure. Further across the weed filled meadow will be 50+ car trains roaring by at all hours of the day to gently lull you to a state of blissful sleep. Out your front door is yet another beautiful weed filled meadow. You can eat at one of 2 restaurants. Shop for food at Whole Foods, oh sorry, I mean Coborns. The meat is always frozen fresh and the lettuce gently wilted. Within golf cart distance you can shop at the executive K-Mart for your sunscreen to use on the beachfront property you just bought in Ramsey while the other citizens of Ramsey stock up on Astroglide to ease the pain. No, not interested? What a joke, I should have bought a house in Maple Grove. I’m hoping a new mayor and city council can get us out of this mess.


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