Bob Dole: My friend, George McGovern

  • Article by: BOB DOLE , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: October 22, 2012 - 11:37 AM

He was a man who never gave up.

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daveaz555Oct. 22, 1210:55 AM

I long for the day that a republican or democrat can write this about one another again. It seems in the current generation of politicians, there's right and wrong (on both sides) with little room in the middle for comprimse. This needs to stop or this country is in bigger trouble than $4.00 gas. We need to come together as a country to solve our problems, because divided isn't working. I think Bob Dole and George McGovern would agree.

jacket2011Oct. 22, 1211:12 AM

You only need to read this to understand why Washington, D.C. can work but why it doesn't work today. Bob Dole and George McGovern represent the best of the best!

Douglind33Oct. 22, 1211:15 AM

Add Goldwater and Humphrey to the list of significant politicians who remained civil, worked together and enjoyed each other's comanay and trust. More recently, Ramstad and Wellstone. Anniversary oF Paul W's death today. RIP, Paul.

trudgeOct. 22, 1211:29 AM

Don't forget Tip O'Neil and Ron Reagan. They worked together. Most retired politicians have the same concerns about politics today. The two sides simply won't work together.

gimbelOct. 22, 1211:53 AM

Oh please stop with the false equivelancy. It's a bunch of malarky. The heights of devicivness have only been reached since the election of Obama and the rise of the TeaParty. Obama campaigned on a platfrom of bringing us together and the teaparty responded with vicious attacks, after which they managed, because of all the latent racism in this country, to gain ascendency in their local congressional districts and get themselves elected to Congress. Then it was no holds barred, Katie bar the door, obstructionism and intransigence. Even before the TPers got control, during the first two years when Obama tried to get some kind of cooperation from the Repubs, it was nothing doing, as they rejected overture after overture, culminating with McConnell announcing that his only goal was to make Obama a one term president. So just cut it out with the "oh why can't we all get along?" stuff. We all KNOW why we can't get along and it is neither Obama's or the Democratic party's fault.

swschradOct. 22, 1211:54 AM

good old-fashioned honorable gentlemen who knew they would be fighting each other today, but fighting together tonight or tomorrow, and didn't burn bridges. this is how you define statesmen. we have precious few today, it's predominantly paid-for politicians, whose only virtue is that they stay paid.

SUMMITOct. 22, 1212:32 PM

To say "the two sides won't work together" is simply wrong. It is one side, the Tea Party beholden Republicans who are bent on destroying any cooperation. The use of false equivilincies only helps to feed the problem. Voters need to be a bit more analytical and put an end to this in November.

autopinionOct. 22, 1212:48 PM

You can deny it all you want but the Tea Party is the only faction that is willing to take REAL action to reduce the US Federal Debt.

mdmac2704Oct. 22, 12 1:11 PM

Statemanship over the allure of the lobbyists and the party machinary is in such short supply. I am ready to take a Grover Norquist like pledge that I will not vote for any politician that sees most things as black and white, good versus evil and is unable to listen to the other side, be able to compromise, and do the nation's business above all else.

SUMMITOct. 22, 12 2:01 PM

New rule! No right wing poster nor politician can rail about the debt unless he/she can produce proof they wrote, posted, spoke against the Bush unfunded tax cuts and wars done off the books. The debt crisis wasn't even on the radar until President Obama was elected and now used to beat him up.


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