Phil Miller's Gophers Insider: Jerry Kill should stay upbeat

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 22, 2012 - 7:33 AM

The coach is reinforcing what's going right and keeping players from getting too down on themselves.

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gogophersgo1Oct. 21, 12 8:42 PM

indeed. Anyone who doesn't think they are improving isn't paying attention. Lats year? 1-3 in non-conference. This year? 4-0. Last year when injuries hit to start B1G season, 0-3 and just blown out every play from start to finish. This year, while 0-3, they've really had 2 bad quarters. Nine minutes of ugly vs. Iowa and then 4th quarter yesterday. That's it. They win NW if gray stays healthy and/or Shortell doesn't get beaten in head/neck and/or if Nelson played even as well as he did this weekend. Go back and watch tape of @ Michigan or @Purdue last year if you don;t think this team is vastly better and headed in the right direction. yes, they have flaws and weaknesses. If you thought they'd miraculously improve their roster overnight, you're demonstrating a basic lack of how college football works. They have a HUGE game this weekend against an also winless in conference Purdue. If they win, they will almost certainly go to a bowl game, which again, if you don't think is big for this squad, you aren't paying attention to where we've been. Anyone who cares about the squad at all should be behind them for this game. If they lose 45-0, then sit out the rest of the year if you like. But this weekend is flat-out huge for the program. Hope to see you there.

snoebirdOct. 21, 1210:27 PM

I was at Camp Randall on Saturday and did notice some signs of progress. But this team is crying for a halfway decent running back, and why would anybody want to send such an incomplete team to a bowl game? Kill brings James Gillum to town, touts him as the best running back in junior college football, and then drops him like a bad habit. Wisconsin is going to continue to maul Kill's team because James White, Melvin Gordon and Jeff Lewis are lined up to carry the ball after Montee Ball leaves. And, as balmy as it was Saturday, try beating Wisconsin without a running back on the third Saturday in November, which is when the next four Axe meetings will be played.

sgthapeOct. 22, 1212:26 AM

I think the majority of people would agree that the latest loss to Wisconson was expected...its not the losing that is making the latest wave of disatisfaction with Kill near tital wave's the quitting before you even play the game, it's the running from a mediocre program like North Carolina and the 800,000 dollars flushed down the drain for absolutely no real reason.

codger1016Oct. 22, 12 1:15 AM

The point made about Nelson doing a good job avoiding the rush was a good one. I was at the Northwestern game and there were far too many times when Shortel just didn't seem to realize the rush was coming. While the knock on Gray is that he runs too much, (And i don't see it as a knock because when he runs, good things happen). I saw Nelson play in high school and I honestly never saw a quarterback dominate like he did (Better than Sauter and Stocco). I think were' in for a nice run over the next few years.

webceltOct. 22, 12 1:20 AM

Why shouldn't he stay upbeat? He can throw away $800,000 and not get fired. I'd be upbeat too in that situation.

kinnickOct. 22, 12 5:45 AM

News flash,the coach that met Kill at the bus came from a 'stable' of assistant coaches from Iowa,Notre Dame,ect that had connections all over America,do you want to compare this to where Kill came from? Looking for positives?? Drop the likes of North Carolina must sent 'waves' of confidence to the team not to mention recruits. What is there to defend? He's played 1 non conference game against a quality team and lost.

tnesleyOct. 22, 12 5:45 AM

Nelson looked very good at QB, and will be better with more time to get inline with his receivers. With Kill's first recruiting class red shirts availible next year, the O-Line will have much better depth. The Defense still needs improvement, but I do see better days ahdead. Ski U Ma.

comment229Oct. 22, 12 7:05 AM

Come back with this article at the end of the next five games and I dare the paper to print it. At best, they will be 1-4 in the next five games, at worst 0-5. That being said, you have to go to the next bit of thinking about "next year." Is there hope? Are there a bunch of young players ready to step up? Is the majority of MN talent, that usually jumps ship, going to stick around the frozen tundra? Nothing has changed much since I have followed the gophers and have now pretty much quit following the gophers. You can ride a band wagon just so long, before it gets real old and that time has come. You will NOT change this program with a new stadium; a complete overhaul is needed from the very top down and I don't see that on the horizon either.

BCanniffOct. 22, 12 7:26 AM

They are clearly not improving. If anything this program is in full retreat. The players look lost out there and unprepared. They are consistently out coached during the game.. They don't appear to even belong in the same conference with Iowa and Wisconsin who are also in rebuilding seasons. And the man we paid a large amount of money to improve this mess just keeps making it worse by exhibiting cowardice by paying not to play teams he should beat so he can pick on small schools to pad his record. To top it off this disaster is cheered on by the new Athletic Director who is just as clueless as the previous one. Some improvement.

ranger78Oct. 22, 12 7:29 AM

Yeah, good things are happening, just not on the field. Gashed for 300 + yards rushing by Bucky. Gashed before that by NW and Iowa. We are not seeing progress when the defense continues to give up 400 and 500 yards of offense, can't tackle, can't defend, can't get to the QB and can't get turnovers. This team is no different than Brewster's and Mason's before him. No defense. Where is the leadership on the D? Nobody is stepping up to say enough.


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