'Meat and potatoes' approach feeds Klobuchar's Senate career

  • Article by: KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 19, 2012 - 5:26 AM

Democrat emphasizes practical results. Critics say she is protecting her popularity.

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aladdinsaneOct. 18, 1210:18 PM

I'm obviously in the minority, but I'm not impressed by Klobuchar. She's all ambition and no substance, a far cry from the Humphrey/McCarthy/Mondale triumvirate. They pursued big things, she does only what it takes to look after her own political interests. Kurt Bills is obviously a patsy of a candidate. This is the type of race where I'm grateful to have third party candidates on the ballot.

johnwkesslerOct. 18, 1210:30 PM

Cutting another ribbon. Another great accomplishment for our fine senior senator. I can see why the dems think she is presidential material.

asmithe2Oct. 18, 1210:46 PM

Amy has done a wonderful job of protecting Amy, but what has she done for the voters? The reason others have tough re-election battles is because they don't always choose the most popular option. Amy is excellent and figuring out what side is going to win, and then waiting to the last minute to join in. She takes no controversial votes, and she doesn't pick which side of the bed to get out of each morning without opinion polling. I hope in her second term she becomes a little more senator and a little less candidate.

morenews0013Oct. 18, 1210:47 PM

Much as I admired Paul Wellstone, I don't think he accomplished may of his goals because of an argumentative nature. Amy Klobuchar's lack of zeal fo controversy and confrontation probably makes her a better represntative of the general population of Minnesota. I see a long future for her as Minnesota's senator and hope she will stay out of the fray of future presidential politics.

munsterlandrOct. 18, 1210:55 PM

Amy is quite the woman. First she supports the GM bailout and business plan that guts retirees holding GM bonds in their retirement funds while handing GM over to the Union, and calls for cutting large number of GM dealerships to save costs, including many in Minnesota. For this Amy gets rewarded with a few hundred thousand in Union campaign contributions. Then Amy turns around and solicits money from PACS and owners of dealerships facing closure in MN as part of the restructuring of GM. She is successful in restoring most of the dealerships franchises and while doing so collects another hundred thousand or so from dealership owners and their pacs. Amy is excellent at crony capitalism and fund raising in a manner that even Al Capone would find distasteful... Shame on Minnesotans that vote for this charlatan.

BallFourOct. 18, 1210:56 PM

"Centrist voting" today would be far right of center 40 years ago.

munsterlandrOct. 18, 1210:57 PM

Say, wasn't Amy's father a columnist for the Star Tribune? So that would explain the overboard support of Amy here I guess....

swmnguyOct. 18, 1211:00 PM

She's a former prosecutor. I wish prosecutors weren't in politics, especially when they're still prosecutors, but in today's America, prosecutors are politicians, and she sure is one.

She's been very methodical, building her case so to speak, over her freshman term. She's laid the groundwork to turn her office into a sinecure, and she'll continue.

She had a deceptively close race against Mark Kennedy in her initial campaign, and now she's running against somebody who never had a chance. The thumping she's about to deliver to Bills will discourage anyone currently on the Republican radar from running against her. Bills only got nominated because the MN GOP is gravely split right now between the fundamentalists and the Libertarians, with the moderate Republicans who have the crossover appeal to win a statewide race largely exiled from the party. But who would seek the nomination against her in 2018? Only a zealot or a dupe. There's nobody on the Republican side with the standing to pose a credible challenge, and the odds that one such will appear in the next 6 years look awfully slim.

Of course, I'm crossing my fingers that it's Bachmann. A boy can dream.

chuckdancerOct. 18, 1211:03 PM

I guess compromise can work; spread the word.

jarlmnOct. 18, 1211:18 PM

"Meat and potatoes"??? Oh, please. Fuzz and feathers is more like it. Amy seemingly has never met a fluff-bunny piece of legislation she didn't like. By the types of things she most often champions, she acts like she thinks her job is to be a consumer advocate. Fine. But that career shouldn't be undertaken from a Senate seat. She would be happier being the next Ralph Nader working for some nonprofit "advocacy" gadflies. And we would be happier having someone more serious and senatorial to represent us.


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