Phil Miller's College Football Insider: Big Ten moving to schedule games with names

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 19, 2012 - 1:32 PM

The Gophers' move to drop series with North Carolina comes as the Big Ten tries to add stronger nonconference foes.

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eyeintheskyOct. 18, 1210:39 PM

Go back and study how Oregon started moving up in the ranks. LONG before all the Nike money really was discussed, they started finding ways to get invited to bottom on the barrel bowl games. They lost some of them and won some...but...they kept getting bowl invitations. I remember talking to Oregon Fans in El Paso during the Gopher's Trips to the Sun Bowl. They told me that's what was working for them. They were talking about remodeling their small stadium. They felt that Coach Mason was making the Gophers a pretty fun team to watch. They just said: keep on going to bowl games... It is WINS...any kind of win that will allow the Gophers to slowly build depth on their squads and will help them in recruiting. It is WINS...any kind of win that will allow them to start getting invitations to bowl games once again. We are NOT THE Ohio State...or Michigan...or MSU...or Nebraska. Heck, we are not even wisky-like right now. We haven't played Indiana in quite a while now, but, I would assume that in the Big Ten's pecking order we are more like Idiana than those teams who are worried about getting into the NC playoff. We have won two out of three games from iowa the last 3 times we played them. We have it going pretty well against Illinois. I'd like to know what the commissioner is going to do for the bottom three or four or five teams in the BiG? Let the top five or six beef up their would seem to me that the bottom five or six really DO need to worry more about wins...ANY KIND of wins they can beg, borrow or steal. And, the BEST way for the bottom five or six teams to try to get a bowl invitation to play some "name" from another power conference is to do it "Unscheduled" in the end of December or on January 1st in a "crappy" bowl game. Just go find a long-time old Oregon fan just how much of a factor playing in "crappy" bowl games played in the long, slow, ascent of Oregon Duck Football in the PA-10 confrence and after several decades, their ascent into the national rankings and Top 5 finishes. Tell the Commissioner that THE Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and maybe one or two other Big Ten teams are big fellows and SHOULD be the ones to carry their own water when it comes to"UP-loading" their own schedules. Did THE Ohio State even play ANY ooc games on the road this year? Those teams have so much much of EVERYTHING that they ought to be risking it all during the OOC. Why not? There really aren't many teams in the B1G who can touch a few of them...very often... ; 0 )

rickradio11Oct. 19, 12 3:27 AM

eyeinthesky: Nice try. Your Oregon Duck fan story reminds me of Romney's lies. While the Ducks, according to your Sun Bowl buddy, was working their way up to relevance, they only played two FCS schools from 1992 until they met the mighty rodents in the 1999 Sun Bowl: Montana in 1993, and Portland State in 1994. Each of those years they scheduled at least one reputable FBS opponent: 1992-Texas Tech; 1993-Illinois; 1994-Iowa and Utah (Oregon Rose Bowl year); 1995-Utah and Illinois; 1996-Fresno State; 1997-Utah and Fresno State; 1998-Michigan State; and, 1999-Michigan State. Also, pre-1992: 1989-Iowa; 1990-Brigham Young and San Diego State; and, 1991-Utah and Texas Tech. Yeah, the Ducks played in some crappy bowl games along the way but they also made it to the Rose Bowl (1994) and the Cotton Bowl (1995). I'll give you and Daffy Duck a pass that being in El Paso you two might have switched from tequila to mezcal and ate the worm. Quack quack. Over and out.

guth54Oct. 19, 1210:32 AM

I LOVE the end of the article...'the Gophers are the only Big Ten team without a BCS conference opponent for the next four seasons -- illustrates once more how big that gap between Minnesota and restoration really is'. JERRY..JERRY...JERRY

stjohnsonOct. 19, 1211:27 AM

"Gophers are the only Big Ten team without a BCS conference opponent for the next four seasons " - this says it all! The whole program at the U should be embarrassed after reading that.

radiant1Oct. 19, 1212:10 PM

Kill and Teague can't take responsibility for the past 50 years of irrelevance at the U. Kill, for one, knows the only reason he got the job is because Peterson (Boise St), Calhoun (Air Force),Mullen (Miss St), Hoke (San Diego State at the time), Edsall (Maryland), Fedora (So Miss) and at least four others all said "thanks, but no thanks" to lightweight Maturi after they canned Brewster. Tells you just how bad the national scuttlebutt was about the U job, and that's that it was a graveyard of coaches. I like everything Kill has done with the U program up until they cancelled the UNC home and home. Total BS. As a season ticket holder who has to pay a premium on top of the ticket prices, to force a home NC schedule on the Gopher faithful that we're going to get over the next 6-8 years is a travesty. The U keeps selling hope; it appears they have nothing else to sell. Ducking North Carolina? Bad, bad move.

bakehachOct. 19, 1212:19 PM

It shows Kill is like any other coach: primarily interested in getting to bowl game any way he can. He probably has a financial incentive to do so. However, every time I think about Gopher season tics, I drop the notion after loooking at their non-conference schedule.

golfsteveOct. 19, 12 1:37 PM

The best part about these articles is they keep saying the Big 10 is tough. Guess what; it's not.

dewarfOct. 19, 12 2:17 PM

Didn't we buy Hope and Change in 2008 from another amateur? So far Kill's results are about the same as Obama's. Both guys are in way over their heads.

mythologerOct. 19, 12 4:17 PM

Then there's no reason why they shouldn't start out 4-0 each of the next four seasons, and they should start blowing out most of those non-conference foes.

victorybuckyOct. 19, 12 8:56 PM

This article shows that Coach Kill cares about himself more than UM. He's worried about losses so he wants to schedule cupcakes. So with wins over these cupcakes (S. Dakota State etc.) he can get more money each year. He and the athletic director should be publicly flogged for having the university pay $800,000 to get OUT of a contract with UNC. It's not a tough football school and is in a basketball conference. Where was the university oversight on Kill and the AD?


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