Vatican II: Gone but not forgotten

  • Article by: JOHN GEHRING , Special to Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: October 16, 2012 - 1:58 PM

Five decades after sweeping reforms were proposed to update the Catholic faith, the church stands at a crossroads.

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oracledelphiOct. 16, 12 3:34 PM

Interesting slant. I guess it is time to adopt moral relativism and a go with the flow attitude. That will bring Catholics back in Europe and America as they flock to the Church for malleable beliefs. Maybe the Church should do some sweat lodges and New Age chanting. Maybe the Church should ignore the pernicious effect of liberal thought on sexuality that gave us the pedophile priests.

betty99Oct. 16, 12 3:37 PM

Ex Catholics now make up the 3rd largest group at 10%. Even though it includes me, it is a shocking number.

rschildkOct. 16, 12 4:23 PM

The Church has responded in the way you would expect from any large bureaucratic institution that views its only mission as to grow the bureaucracy. To do this it needs church members because it needs their money. The only way to get more church members is to; 1) Breed them 2) Convert them Since conversion is actually negative now, they resort to #1. That is why they are sliding rapidly towards the Irish Catholic experience of the 18th Century when the Church was fabulously wealthy, fabulously powerful, and fabulously corrupt. They are turning their backs upon 500 years of science in their attempt to turn back the clock.

cat09tailsOct. 16, 12 4:23 PM

So "Liberal thought on sexuality...gave us the pedophile priests"?? I don't think so, priest pedophilia has been an issue for decades, if not centuries! It is the secrecy combined with the misguided practice of protecting 'your own' that perpetuates pedophilia among the clergy. I do agree with the rest of your comment. Although it won't bring me back since I was abused by my parish priest who was then protected by the Roman Catholic heirarchy.

RalphMalphOct. 16, 12 4:26 PM

What is the point of having this article in the Star Tribune? Seemingly out of place, lest we hear from the other side of the coin (doubtful) it appears as yet another attempt to undermine the authority of the Catholic Church. Vatican II was not a sweeping reform that embraced liberalism and modernism. It was the laity and some of the clergy who pushed forth modernist and liberal ideas, it was up to the faithful priests and laity to roll them back. The nature of the Catholic faith does not suddenly radically change. Any other interpretation is false and does not reflect Catechism. The Catholic Church can never be out of date, because her teachings are timeless and true in every age. She maintains her authority whether many like it or not, 10% of Americans who have fallen away notwithstanding.

ThegonagleOct. 16, 12 4:28 PM

It was willful ignorance of human sexuality in their ranks that brought pedophile priests. In other words, it was a lack of education

mmcfetriOct. 16, 12 4:31 PM

I was raised Catholic. Attended Catholic schools for 12 years. A few years after I married, my husband converted to Catholicism. We raised our children as Catholics. We still have our faith, but we no longer have our religion. There was zero opportunity to change from within. Priests could not marry (Jesus never said that) Women could not be priests (Jesus never said that) Somebody decided that lay people could not deliver a sermon (Jesus never said that) Arbitrary decisions from my point of view. Birth control. I suspect that I am not alone, as Catholic families not longer have the large families they did in my youth. At the vatican, too many princely robes, too much treasure. Too far removed from my humble, sandaled Lord.

buttlesOct. 16, 12 4:39 PM

"Maybe the Church should ignore the pernicious effect of liberal thought on sexuality that gave us the pedophile priests." == I don't think the Catholic Church has ever had a "liberal thought on sexuality". In my opinion it was the church's attitude that all sexuality is sinful and not to be discussed that let the pedophiles get away with their crimes for so long. If anything, a more "liberal" attitude toward human sexuality and the discussing it openly is what allowed the victims to finally come forward.

mixie7Oct. 16, 12 4:58 PM

"Preach the Gospel always and when necessary use words," St. Francis of Assisi instructed. These nuns live that admonition every day. By challenging members of Congress who voted for Ryan's draconian budget (which slashes nutrition programs for low-income women and infants), and by supporting the Affordable Care Act, the nuns also showed that being "pro-life" doesn't stop with defending life in the womb. ---- AMEN to that! Probably the most practical thing I've heard from a Catholic, ever. That kind of blatant hypocrisy is why I'll never fully understand this denomination.

endothermOct. 16, 12 5:03 PM

Though I still respect many individual Catholics and the good work that they do (especially the nuns out working at hospitals and in poor communities), I gave up on the Church long ago. The bureaucracy is just too corrupt, too arrogant and too entrenched in its ways to actually help people. The Church punishes the people who try to make the world better, and it rewards the conservative bureaucrats issuing orders from on high.


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