Republican legislators have forsaken fiscal integrity

  • Article by: ARNE H. CARLSON
  • Updated: October 15, 2012 - 8:40 PM

Why so down about budget? Here's why.

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goferfanzOct. 15, 12 8:28 PM

Gosh, it seems like the MN economy is humming along pretty good. Schools seem to doing fine as well. I can only speak for Andover, but our property taxes arent any higher than they were 8 years ago. None. Nada. Zip. Could it be local govts are making bad tax decisions, Mr Carlson? And it was Dayton's veto that thrust the govt into a shutdown last summer. The one big failing in this state is that Tom Emmer didnt win. Instead, we elected a silver-spooned, 1%'er.........

LakeliverOct. 15, 12 8:38 PM

It's good to hear from an honest-to-goodness fiscal conservative, who knows exactly how far from that identity the current Republican Party has moved. In expunging moderates with as much intellect and integrity as Arne Carlson has, the current party has lost its finest qualities and it used to have many. Lincoln himself would have a terrible time identifying his party and for what he and it used to stand. Very sad because we need the balance of good, common sense conservatives but they are either fleeing the party or have been pushed out.

briechersOct. 15, 12 8:40 PM

Nothing like a balanced assessment of the situation to bring people together.

margeanncullenOct. 15, 12 8:44 PM

So borrowing from the schools is okay with you Goferfanz? T Paw's speciality and I always wonder does the State cover the interest the schools have to pay to borrow money because they don't get what the tax payer give to the state.

Mippy1Oct. 15, 12 9:26 PM

You're dreaming, Governor. Today's GOP isn't interested in governing. They're interested in grandstanding. And power.

roymercerOct. 15, 12 9:28 PM

Arne the DFLer. At it again. Anything to ingratiate himself to the likes of Lori Sturdevant and RT Rybak.

elmore1Oct. 15, 12 9:32 PM

Arnie, nice to see you on the DFL payroll. I expect your next editorials will be about unionizing all jobs in Minnesota, giving unlimited resources to education and building bike paths all over town. Who cares if we would need to increase taxes right?

hookshotOct. 15, 12 9:39 PM

Amen... Good to know that not all moderate Republicans are extinct. Politicians should represent the people who sent them there, instead of political hacks like Grover Norquist.

martytoilOct. 15, 1210:45 PM

hookshot--"Amen... Good to know that not all moderate Republicans are extinct. Politicians should represent the people who sent them there, instead of political hacks like Grover Norquist." Unfortunately, the gotp feeds on the naive to support these hacks.

hecklesOct. 15, 1210:57 PM

You tell 'em, Elmore! Down with unions, education, and biking! Lets all die in our 40s, uninformed and underpaid.


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