Animal groups file to block wolf hunts in Minnesota, Wisconsin

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 16, 2012 - 2:23 PM

Officials deny mismanagement as the Humane Society and the Fund for Animals fight de-listing.

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FLUXERFLIXER Oct. 15, 1211:39 AM

The Wolf hunt should be stopped. It was not long ago they were endangered! And I agree, they approved it before most knew it was even happening. Something smells fishy and it stinks to high heaven!

mankato58Oct. 15, 1211:52 AM

#1, there was no rush to open the hunt. It has been several years that several northern states and independent conservation groups have petitioned the federal government for the delisting of wolves. State agencies have been preparing for this day during the listing period and during the time of trying to get wolves delisted. There was no rush here. #2. There was plenty of time for public input. In fact, the anit-hunting groups loaded the system with their arguments. The problem they have is that they could not use their emotional reasoning to overturn scientific data and projections.

andersod62Oct. 15, 1211:57 AM

It is getting really old listening to "activists" incessently whine and appeal to every court in the land when something doesn't go their way..., the DNR is more of an expert on this issue then any tree hugger ever could be, and if they deemed it necessary then the hunt should go on. If you love the wolves so much, adopt one and keep it at your house with your pets and children, see if YOU like what gets eaten.

bethmdOct. 15, 1212:03 PM

I would say it was approved before most people were paying attention. The outdoor journals have covered this for a long time and MN legislature has open hearings. They are off the endangered species list - time frame doesn't matter, the population is the population. This hunt will not harm their numbers.

plecksOct. 15, 1212:04 PM

The DNR and hunters have been successfully managing wildlife populations for decades. Let the hunt go on.

EleanoreOct. 15, 1212:07 PM

The fishy smell is coming from those who profit from the hunt, and the legislature who profit from them. This will all be clear once the investigation into it get's going good.

jmusielewiczOct. 15, 1212:09 PM

It's interesting since rarely do I agree with the anti-hunting, anti-gunner crew on anything -- but (as we know there are always buts in this world:) is this case, since the wolf is a carnivore they are correct. Nowhere in this world is the population of carnivores of any species of viable hunting populations--every time they make gains some spaz-o gets in there and gets people hunting them. Its really frustrating. Don't kill them. Buy licenses but don't kill. It will solve two problems. One the DNR will do a better job and two no one says just because you have that license you have to shoot or hurt anything. Heh--bet anyone ten to one they can't get close enough to touch one without 'killing' it--you just ain't as good as me in your 'hunting'!!

getcrazyOct. 15, 1212:12 PM

I'm not seeing this hunt doing "irreparable harm" and I'm certainly a person who cares about wildlife and the environment. As far as I'm concerned this is merely an attempt to stop the wolf hunting this year so these groups can have a long drawn out battle over it. During that time the wolf populations will continue to rise. I don't see any value in killing a wolf. I don't get that part at all but I also know...well, I don't want to be the one to have to do it but the population will have to be controlled. So I don't have a problem with it. It sucks but it is what it is and I don't fault anyone how wants to go kill one. I just don't get why they want to. Many of them probably wouldn't get why I want to ride my bike on city streets in the winter either. Maybe it's just two different things on sustainability. I don't know.

mankato58Oct. 15, 1212:24 PM

jmusielewiczOct. 15, 1212:09 PM "... Nowhere in this world is the population of carnivores of any species of viable hunting populations--every time they make gains some spaz-o gets in there and gets people hunting them ..."___________ Really??? Have you check the population of coyotes and fox lately? Large cats are next on the list. Cougar, mountain lion, puma, whatever you wish to call them, have a foothold in Minnesota and are starting to do damage.

imgahn2uOct. 15, 1212:26 PM

Please use accurate figures in your article. Th estimate for the wolf population is about 3000 - not 4000 as the article states.


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