Bachmann family values

  • Article by: FRANK BRUNI , New York Times
  • Updated: October 15, 2012 - 9:18 PM

The stepsister of the Minnesota congresswoman looks at her moral crusades with puzzlement, and with a very personal sorrow.

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rlundl02Oct. 15, 12 9:27 AM

I'm guessing there are few families in the country where there is not some tension and disagreement on political and/or social issues. Moral of the story: If your family has them, don't tell the New York Times.

beebee82Oct. 15, 12 9:50 AM

Sure, most families have tension surrounding different views and morals. Most families, however, do not have members actively campaigning publicly and politically to treat other members of that family as something to be feared, ridiculed and treated as second class citizens by our laws.

kvarnoldOct. 15, 1210:13 AM

A lot could be said here, but suffice it to say that after watching Shelly all this time it is hardly surprising. She has buried her head in what has become an insular religious stand. It is self-centered and constantly takes a morally superior stand against all the rest of us, and in this case, her own family.

swmnguyOct. 15, 1210:15 AM

Rep. Bachmann is a calculating opportunist, at least in her political career. Inconvenient family and personal connections will be sacrificed to her political ambition. It takes a certain kind of person with a definite single-mindedness to succeed in our political reality show. Such people tend to leave a trail of broken personal relationships.

fatherofsonsOct. 15, 1210:17 AM

Thank you for telling your story. The need to speak out vs the desire for a peaceful private life is a trade-off I wish you did not have to make. I look forward to the day when you can be legally married to acknowledge and support your real-life marriage.

mgtwinsfan1987Oct. 15, 1210:17 AM

The story of this family is why I strongly believe government should not be in the business of legislating morality.

rlundl02Oct. 15, 1210:17 AM

"Most families, however, do not have members actively campaigning publicly and politically to treat other members of that family as something to be feared," ======== Seems to me, families with both Tea Party Conservatives and Wall Street liberals would be doing just that, were they involved in active campaigning. This Thanksgiving will certainly be Special One for them.

sunshine59Oct. 15, 1210:19 AM

Disagreeing stepsisters?? This opin/article by the NY Times hits me funny on all sorts of fronts. I have gay friends that I love and hang out with all the time. Doesn't mean I agree with their viewpoint. As far as I know, I wouldn't throw them under the bus publicly nor would I talk with a national news outlet for a state wide issue. It may be a national conversation BUT the vote is only statewide. This article seems more motivated by a national agenda than local. Sorry, stepsister drama shouldn't be played out in a national publication.

cheiron55402Oct. 15, 1210:20 AM

I'm sure it has to be quite difficult to be family members as extreme in their ideology as Michele's.

fishing341Oct. 15, 1210:26 AM

As if it were a political issue. We have no business even voting on this! Can not wait until this State is shutting down Bachmann's "mental health facility" and recognizing it for the torture clinic it is. The Bachmann's are completely crazy when it comes to our gay citizens. They need to get a clue, as do the rest of the "Vote Yes" population. If only these people spent their energy campaigning against criminals! Or better yet, if only the Catholic Church focused on eradicating it's organization of all it's abusive priests!!! And, yes, I'm Catholic....or was.


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