Vikings' rookie Robinson has more than a corner on speed

  • Article by: KENT YOUNGBLOOD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 12, 2012 - 11:17 PM

Josh Robinson is quite willing to hit, and the third-round pick out of Central Florida isn't afraid of the bright lights.

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Jakein08Oct. 13, 12 7:15 AM

It is becomming very evident that the Vikings had a great draft this year. The differance in overall team speed is incredible. The defense and special teams are very much improved. Kudos are in order for the GM and coaching staff!

bruisedupOct. 13, 12 7:39 AM

When the Vikings traded up to select Harrison Smith at safety I was not at first in love with that idea because we still needed a corner and I thought if we just waited for our turn at #34 either Smith or Janoris Jenkins or both would be there to take and you wouldn't need to trade up. With the pick of Josh Robinson the trade for Smith looks really good right now. Janoris Jenkins has turned out to be a fantastic cornerback for St. Louis along with Harrison Smith looking great for the Vikings but now I believe that there is a good chance neither would have been there at #34 for the Vikings. Everyone knew the Vikings concerns at safety and cornerback and other teams would have been trading ahead of the Vikings to get either Smith or Jenkins. The draft is sort of like a game of chess and right now it looks like Spielman scored a check with Smith and a checkmate with Robinson.

TabarnooshOct. 13, 12 8:02 AM

Come on you big loud Speilman haters. Give us some pretzel logic how Speilman still doesn't know what he's doing. I'll beat you to it with the only thing you got. Carlson. Well, the whole team is improving game by game. He'll get his chances too. Success and winning silences a lot of you GM wannabes.

uranid10tOct. 13, 12 8:10 AM

Not only speed this kid can HIT .... Keep it up !! I am really enjoying watching this guy play...

vikeforlifeOct. 13, 12 8:55 AM

When teams draft in the position they did, you have to have a successful draft and it looks like Spielman and the Vikes hit on this one. Remember all the woeful years for the Lions when the kept picking WR with the first pick that was usually in the first 5 picks. How did that work out? If Simpson pans out and the Vikes resign him, the Vikes may actually be able to build through the draft without having to delve is free agency

bengravedOct. 13, 12 9:17 AM

Hope Winfield is right about Robinson having a long career. We have not had a decent cb, for years, other than Winfield, although it looks like Cook is improving, and hopefully can be a shutdown corner.

bredpathOct. 13, 12 9:38 AM

So far, it looks like a hugely successful draft. Hopefully Frazier and Spielman working together is a good formula for success, because this team's turnaround is looking amazing right now.

tjtwinsfanOct. 13, 12 9:50 AM

Re:vikefourlife: The Vikings definately have to go get a top wide receiver next year. Unless Wright develops. And Childs recovers and develops. Aromadusu isn't good. And Jenkins is slower than molasseses, and he gives up to easy when covered. If Ponder just had one or two quality receivers to go with Harvin then Ponder could be awesome. Simpson may be good who knows. I hope he isn't injury prone.With all his jump over people he will get injured. I stlil think Jared Allen could be alot more destructive if they moved him around once in awhile. KInd of a stand up behind the line gap situation. Make the other teams offensive line nervous on who they need to block. And the other teams Qb would be 2nd thinking his play call on that play. To many times offensive lines get used to who and how to block certain players. Chang it up and make some else learn how to have to block him. You probably don't remember Alan Page but he was awesome at first but undersized. Once teams learned to run right at him he was to small to handle the 2 on 1 blocking and the run coming right at him. The last couple of years he was with the Vikings teams ran right through us and right at him. Page had so much speed but not the bulk he ran down everything in sight when the play was at him. That is why I think Allen could benefit alot by moving him around one play here and there. Create havoc. Like Lawrence Taylor did.

tjtwinsfanOct. 13, 12 9:59 AM

fans shouldn't get to high yet. The Vikings haven't played all the top teams yet and most of those teams will get allot of referee help. Remember although we did beat the 49s and we clearly out played them at the time. The replacement refs were on the field and didn't do the best of job. Playoff teams do get most of the breaks but in the case of the replacement refs they didn't care who was playing who and who was supposed to win. Green Bay last year got so so many breaks from the refs in their run for a undefeated season and the refs last year helped them alot. They were not going to be the one who ended their run. The Vikings could have been the one to end their run last year and should have had the refs made a obvious interference call at the end of the first game last year against us. The playoff contending teams usually get the calls

RealVikeOct. 13, 1210:15 AM

Just an excellent draft this year. I find myself wondering how all the Spielman haters out there feel right now. Are you happy? Feeling stupid? Let's hear from you. Tell us you were wrong. Or maybe you were never true Viking fans in the first place and have moved on to other things to hate.


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