Editorial: Vice presidential debate typifies political gridlock

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  • Updated: October 12, 2012 - 7:34 PM

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan both score points, but don't point to bipartisan fixes.

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one4thepeepsOct. 12, 12 7:50 PM

Here's a simple fact. The "math" in the Romney/Ryan plan does not add up in any conceivable way. Pressed by Raddatz to explain the math, lyin' Ryan ducked the question. How can America, a country that already spends nearly as much on our military as the rest of the world combined, expand military spending by 20% while also cutting taxes to the wealthy. You can't. It is math. It is arithmetic. Funny how Republicans who supposedly care about the deficit don't understand this. Isn't any wonder that the last time the we had a balanced budget was under Clinton?

one4thepeepsOct. 12, 12 7:53 PM

And the true winner of last night's debate? Martha Raddatz. She refused to accept Ryan's lies without question. She kept the debate moving. The biggest winner? The American people. That debate was fun to watch. I loved Biden's theatrics and Ryan's meandering. The GOP has given us a couple of slicksters spilling out empty rhetoric. They sound good on TV, but when you get right down to it, it's empty rhetoric. Thank God for the middle class champions of Obama and Biden!

Amos_AOct. 12, 12 8:36 PM

In case some weren't listening last night, the Romney / Ryan ticket is not planning on INCREASING defense spending. Their plan is to NOT CUT as much as the Obama / Biden ticket is planning.

LiberalOne46Oct. 12, 12 9:29 PM

The Obama "muscular strategy working through the UN" is absurd. We give our support to the UN and call it muscular? Only in liberal lala land could the statement be made. The editorial board should be embarrassed, but it's not possible...they are liberals.

elmore1Oct. 12, 12 9:29 PM

The losers were common sense moderates who were not represented. The same old DFL & GOP rhetoric that has been spewn at us for 30 years. Fibs and exaggerations on both sides. We need to reform our political system and boot out all of the career politicians who are only beholden to their special interest groups.

RanickOct. 12, 12 9:34 PM

The article mentions that the undecided vote is what is up for grabs and will decide the outcome. I find this to be true but also a sad commentary. If you are undecided at this point, frankly you are not smart enough, informed enough, or care enough to be voting. The two candidates can't be any more different from one another. Good grief, figure it out already, or just stay home.

flatstanleyOct. 12, 12 9:44 PM

Amos_A, Romney has repeatedly promised to maintain a military budget that consumes a minimum of 4% of the GDP. That would increase military spending by $2.1 trillion dollars over the next decade.

ddellwoOct. 12, 1210:23 PM

I thought Biden did well in terms of the content he provided, but believe his antics and guffaws were disrespectful and without question cheapened his positions. He is obviously a man that is full of himself!

JudelingOct. 12, 1211:20 PM

Unfortunately for your hopes for some bipartisan nirvana, you need two sides to be willing to compromise and we only have one. If the US wasn't as central to the world as it is I could almost wish that the Republican party came to govern once more because the result would be its death. However I live here and more important my family lives here and I cannot wish that on them and the rest of the world. Whatever faults I find in the Democratic party (and I find many) at least they by in large work from the reality of facts and not untested or discredited theories. Looking for consensus in a political debate just shows how ridiculous our press has become.

justsayinOct. 12, 1211:35 PM

The dems have a great track record controlling debt. Obama will be the first dem president to raise the debt since FDR. Like FDR, Obama inherited a failed economy from the Repubs. If elected, Romney would try to be the first GOP pres since Nixon (1st term) NOT to increase the debt. Just the facts.


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