Jason Lewis: Taxed to the hilt, yet they want more

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  • Updated: October 13, 2012 - 5:50 PM

Lobbies and liberals think that we've been showing restraint. We haven't.

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sawmanOct. 13, 12 6:29 PM

This band keeps playing the same note. They need to learn a few new tunes.

pumiceOct. 13, 12 6:34 PM

From the article: "[T]he big spenders have put Minnesota dead-last the Business Tax Index from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council." A fine whine of the same-old same-old vintage followed by the sentence-without-sense cut and pasted from the article.

getcrazyOct. 13, 12 8:25 PM

@ Jason Lewis-- "But a closer look at the size of government in Minnesota reveals that we've yet to really kick our addiction to spending other people's money. "---Really? As a single person I am the highest taxed in the state. I am also a business owner. I have no children yet I pay for schools. I pay for schools they go to. I pay deductions people get for working family credits and deductions for claiming children as dependents. It gets really old having someone thinking they are speaking for me. I pay the highest percentage in taxes and someone else is complaining to me about taxes? Really? If I don't have a problem paying for those schools and teachers that Republicans think are worthless I don't think someone with a bunch of kids using my tax dollars for their kids education while at the same time getting deductions should be complaining to me at all. Not one bit. Not ever. It does take a village of to raise a child. Those with more should give more. You can practice what you preach or hear from the preacher or just do something completely different too but don't come to me with complaints and act like a saint or a victim when I give the most. I don't want to hear it. I'm too busy working to pay for your kids education.

owatonnabillOct. 13, 12 8:42 PM

The real issue is not whether or not we are overtaxed. It is not whether or not the projects and structures our tax money is spent on is necessary. The issue is waste. As a lifelong employee of and with government I can tell you that the money the government WASTES, in invariably well-meaning ways, is mind-boggling. We've all seen examples. How many times have we been driving through this-or-that highway project and seen one guy with a shovel in the hole with seven more standing on the edge peering down? That, my friends, is just miniscule tip of a monster iceberg. Our tax dollars go not only for wasteful highway spending. They also go to pay for employees who follow arcane, confusing, sometimes contradictory and all-too-often pointless regulations. They go for three agencies to do the same thing for three times the cost when one could fill the bill very nicely. They go to fund a system (DD Services, for example) where every dollar spent on "service" actually has 75 cents of that dollar spent on regulation rather than service. They go to fund a system where spending rather than economizing is mandated so whatever department is doing the spending is justified in asking for more for the next budgetg. Government is a dollar-wasting monster. Spending more is not the answer. Spending more wisely IS the answer.

jurburOct. 13, 12 8:50 PM

Its always nice when we don't hear from Lewis for awhile. What was missing from his predictable tax to much commentary was how his Republican friends in the Legislature and Governor's office were responsible for Minnesota's escalating fee system and the borrowing shell game which left the schools having to take out loans, forced huge tuition increases, laid off state and local government employees, raised local property taxes to pay for local services, sacked our infrastructure, and helped tank Minnesota's economy so a few well-off individuals and businesses could pay less and keep more for themselves. When Republicans can accurately and factually make the case that they have been gypped then Democrats will lend an ear.

jdlellis1Oct. 13, 12 9:06 PM

For those who lean left, the concept of limited government is not understood and/or embraced and the question, "What aspect of one's life do you not want the government involved or to control?" cannot be answered. Stated from a slightly different angle, what type of society will exist when 51% of the population works for a government agency?

falcon1681Oct. 13, 1211:20 PM

jdlellis1 - For those who lean left, the concept of limited government is not understood ----------- Limited government means the government stays out of our bedrooms and out of my wife's womb. Seems like I've got a pretty good understanding of what it means. Your side could use some education though.

paddlemanOct. 14, 12 7:37 AM

owatonnabill: "How many times have we been driving through this-or-that highway project and seen one guy with a shovel in the hole with seven more standing on the edge peering down?" I love hearing this comment, yea, and then the next task I need 10 employees, and the task after that 8. How about snow plow drivers in this state owatonnabill, how many should we staff for this year after last winter. Please save your arm chair coaching for Sunday. I can clearly tell you have never managed a company, department or project. It isn't that easy.

omgmovOct. 14, 12 8:36 AM

I'd like to see specific examples of where a government agency is too big. Then we can talk about spending cuts. Until then, opinions like that of Mr. Lewis only come off as ideological rants.

bluedevil101Oct. 14, 12 8:44 AM

"Those that have more should give more." Ridiculous. From 2008-2010 I worked a full time and two part time jobs. Why should I need to pay more when I'm the one putting in the long hours doing jobs that are in demand? We punish those who are working and trying to improve themselves and reward those who aren't and won't.


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