Maybe a President Romney wouldn't be so awful

  • Article by: MICHAEL KINSLEY , Bloomberg News
  • Updated: October 11, 2012 - 6:13 PM

I'm saying that, and I've never voted for a Republican and plan to vote for Obama.

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bhdanielsOct. 11, 12 6:53 PM

Make no mistake, a Romney presidency would be a disaster for the United States, for democracy, and for the world. To whom is he beholden? Some pretty terrible people. Would we ever hear truth from him? No. Would we be better or worse off in 4 years? Well, given that Obama has already set us on a better course you'd think the answer would be "better off" but the minute he'd get into office, Romney will undo much of what Obama has accomplished, so the answer is "much worse off." Do NOT let this man get elected. If you value this country, if you value your family and your way of life, if you value democracy, vote for Barack Obama.

LiberalOne46Oct. 11, 12 6:58 PM

It probably wouldn't be the end of the union if we elected a president who would deal with the deficit, would engage world leaders in serious debate, would challenge the hostility of Russia, China, Iran, etc, would support Israel, would attempt to preserve SS, Medicare, and other social programs. It wouldn't be so bad to unit the nation instead of dividing it along social, ethnic, racial and political lines. Obama's lasting legacy is trying to convince us that America is flawed, unfair and the source of most world problems.

diogenesnyOct. 11, 12 7:03 PM

This all supposes that Romney actually means what he's saying now, and isn't just counting on Americans' short attention spans to portray himself as enough of a moderate to get elected, then tacking back to the "severely conservative" character he portrayed up until the past week.

stpaulisbestOct. 11, 12 7:19 PM

Having a republican up in the presidential polls is great, but if we just get another Obama who cares? Romney has pledged to cut taxes on job creators, but now he says he won't cut taxes. Romney pledged to end abortion in the US but now he says he's okay with leaving it alone and being responsible for the yearly killing of thousands of unborn children in Ohio. We could have had Rick Santorum, but instead we went with backsliding flip flopping Mitt. He was for abortion, then against abortion, then for it again. He's for cutting taxes, then he's against cutting taxes. He created socialist government run healthcare in Massachusetts, but now he says he'll end Obamacare. Will he? He's gone back on everything else. We need Mitt to re-commit to an honest, decent, value based presidency. I can't vote for a pro-abortion candidate and Romney is sure smelling like one now.

whallingOct. 11, 12 7:25 PM

Obama's foreign policy is so poor that it is hard to understand how any America could want more of the same. Look at the middle east. Sean Smith died during the radical Islamist terrorist attack on our Libyan embassy. His mother has now spoken out about the killing. She has not yet even been informed of the cause of death. However, at the time that his body was brought into America UN Ambassador Susan Rice told the mother that the attack was caused by the YouTube video. This is the same Rice that appeared on 5 TV shows shortly after the attack and said "it was the video" - the same talking points Obama was using. Does this remind you of the American that was killed in the Fast and Furious episode where the mother of the slain American tried to find out how her son was killed and Obama asserted executive privilege over any related documents. So, we have 2 mothers of slain sons trying to get answers from Obama and none are forthcoming. How shameful is that? Sean Smith was a 10 year veteran of the Foreign Service, having served in Iraq, South Africa, Canada and the Netherlands. He was an Air Force veteran with a wife, son and daughter. Come on, Obama, arrange to give the mothers some answers.

william16Oct. 11, 12 8:17 PM

Is this the same can't-hold-a-job Michael Kinsley who last year revealed the inch-deep depth of his thinking by stating that Chris Christie could not be president because he's "just too fat"? Kinsley is simply the left-wing version of Rush Limbaugh--stick a couple dubious "facts" in him, wind him up, and out comes reliably partisan rhetoric.

sjhuotOct. 11, 12 9:18 PM

I tend to agree that "catastrophe" predictions (remember what the Dems said about Reagan?)are overstated. Today I saw a billboard along highway 52 that stated that a "Vote for Obama is a vote for the destruction of America." Puhleeze, what a desperate argument. Regardless of who wins the election this November, there will be enough opposition in the Congress to keep either side's worst fears from occurring. All this catastrophe talk does is make it less likely that Rs and Ds will ever work together again. Now that hurts our country.

xyzzy72Oct. 11, 1210:32 PM

Remember that the next president may appoint one or more Supreme Court justices. This is extremely important, because it can affect society for decades.

sunnyreaderOct. 11, 1211:33 PM

After a year of listening to Romney, I now have less of an idea of what he really believes in than I did before he started running for President. Which Romney is the real one - Moderate or super conservative? Does the real Romney care about the 47 percent or does only the fake Romney? - Or is it the other way around? It is obvious that he is not telling the truth to some of us. I wonder if he is telling the truth to himself.

endothermOct. 11, 1211:33 PM

If Romney gets elected it probably won't be the end of the world, but it will be bad for most Americans. If he gets us involved in a war with Iran (something he promised Israel he would support), then we can expect our gas prices to go up by several dollars per gallon. That means my household and probably yours will have hundreds or even thousands less to spend each year. Goodbye summer vacation, goodbye eating out at a restaurant once a week. We can expect the economy to slow back into a recession due to high fuel prices. We can also expect health care costs to climb even higher if he manages to roll back health care reform. And he plans to eliminate tax deductions to help people who buy their own health insurance. So, Romney gives himself a tax cut and the rest of us get stuck paying thousands of extra dollars each year. Sound fair to you?


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