Photo ID amendment: Fraud buster or expensive boondoggle?

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 10, 2012 - 5:37 AM

Rep. Kiffmeyer and former Gov. Carlson differ on photo ID proposal.

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justanother1Oct. 9, 1210:03 PM

A vote 'Yes' is a vote for government tyranny. Restrict the natural right to vote and it'll go away.

burnsvillainOct. 9, 1210:03 PM

My respect for the former Governor Carlson continues to grow every time I see him take a stand on an issue. He always seems to set aside party affiliation and instead defers to common sense. This country could use more like him.

maxmargOct. 9, 1210:10 PM

Arne Carlson rocks!

jcrew45Oct. 9, 1210:14 PM

I've said this before, but my mind was made up on voter ID during the 2008 election cycle when I saw the driver of a van pull up to a voting location with 'new' voters. It didn't pass the smell taste. Both sides seem to agree that the current system is too lax. This bill does something about it. This is not a republican or democratic issue, its about protecting the election process. And it will be up to the next legislature to set the ground rules. They can set the guidelines and rules as a bipartisan group - this can be done fairly and economically as its being done in more than 20 states right now. I will be very happily voting YES.

jcrew45Oct. 9, 1210:15 PM

Restrict the natural right to vote and it'll go away....make it too easy and everyone will vote....twice

justsayinOct. 9, 1210:17 PM

We have a representative government for a reason, to avoid the tyranny of the majority. I am an independent voter but really have lost all respect for the GOP. Gone are the days when they put country first. It's party first nowadays. Arny, can ya come back?

whyyesindeedOct. 9, 1210:19 PM

What forms of ID will be acceptable? It seems wrong to ask voters to put this in the state constitution without knowing what specific IDs will be acceptable. A US passport? Not acceptable by itself because it does not include your street address. A student ID from a public (government) university? Maybe not acceptable if it has no expiration date and does not have your current address. Friends, the language of the ballot question is too vague and leaves too many questions for you to vote yes... Even if you have an acceptable ID, who determines whether or not you look like the person in the photo? This is a judgment call, not an objective observation. A man with a beard on election day might have to cast a provisional ballot because the man in his ID photo is clean-shaven. That's right, it's totally a subjective judgment call to be made by volunteer election judges. Vote no so an election judge cannot force you to cast a provisional ballot because they don't think you look right.

austin1227Oct. 9, 1210:21 PM

Gotta love that laser focus on jobs the Mn GOP promised you.

hobie2Oct. 9, 1210:22 PM

A constitution is not a tool for politics. Period... No matter if requiring a government issued ID to vote is the best idea since air, or the worst since peanut butter on a tire, a constitution is the wrong place to do it.... If there is a problem with the voting process, it should be handled by law, not by constitutional change.... Constitutions are for policy and framework - laws tell you how that policy in the constitution is to be done... Why even have three branches of government if every time the legislature doesn't get its way, it can change the constitution?.. Governing by constitutional change is bad government, and this needs to be stopped, because one branch ruling by constitutional change is the opening of a new very foolish way to govern.

burnsvillainOct. 9, 1210:27 PM

jcrew45, you say: "my mind was made up on voter ID during the 2008 election cycle when I saw the driver of a van pull up to a voting location with 'new' voters." So what's your point? That people can't carpool? That they can't vote if it's their first time? Were they found to be illegitimate voters? Cast aspersions all you want but it's people like you that define exactly why this potential legislation needs to be voted down.


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