Unanswered Minneapolis 911 calls prompt change in operations

  • Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 11, 2012 - 1:37 PM

Minneapolis message to return after Accent Signage callers didn't get operators.

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ranger78Oct. 9, 1210:05 PM

Yet another example of liberal Mpls leaders (Rybak, et al.) skimping and sacrificing public safety in order maintain leftist pet programs. Will Rybak call these folks and apologize? How many more examples do the good folks of Mpls need? Liberals have controlled our big cities for decades. They've run them into the ground. And the dolts keep electing the very people and agendas that continue to destroy the cities.

bhbhbhbhbhOct. 9, 1210:34 PM

Nice job City .... perhaps figure out how to deliver basic services as opposed to Citywide WiFi etc ..

jshaynaOct. 9, 1211:21 PM

So 10 years of cuts to staffing and the management is basically blaming the employees and City government. During the bridge collapse the 911 staff were praised as being the best in country and the management took credit and started doing lectures to other agencies. This time they were not even in the state so no lectures except how now we need to replace people with technology and not the staff the City truly needs.

glrredOct. 9, 1211:33 PM

I believe those were state wide cuts made by Pawlenty. You know that guy that claimed to care who is now a lobbyist

avistasucksOct. 10, 12 4:11 AM

It bears noting that something like 15 calls to 911 came in the center within seconds of each other. In order for every call to be answered within the first few rings you would have needed 15 operators all available at that same instant. This essentially means you would need to be willing to pay for a lot of continuous excess capacity in order for a spike in traffic such as this to not overload the system. I bring this up in reference to the ranger's blindly partisan comment, since he is directly faulting liberals for this. 911 systems aren't really designed to field 15 calls for the same incident. I think he'd be crying government waste if a city carried the needed excess capacity to field every call immediately.

purlieuOct. 10, 12 6:11 AM

Sounds like if we had enough 911 operators, unemployment would be lower. Cuts to government are fine if it's fat that's being cut. Cuts to government's essential services hurts us all.

twinkiejoOct. 10, 12 6:45 AM

I'm sorry, but if I call 911, it is an emergency and I want my call answered and not have to wait until an operator is not busy with other calls; my life depends on it. First the message, then comes the press 1 for english, and then a list of emergencies so it can be routed and then the system hangs up on you so you have to do it all over again. What is wrong with putting a few more people in that area during the busy times of the day; wouldn't that create more jobs and ease everyone's mind that they won't be put on hold during an emergency. Cut back on the administrators salary, not personal safety and life support.

tigerlily123Oct. 10, 12 7:36 AM

RANGER78- You are an example of the problem, not the solution. Everyone needs to stop pointing partisan fingers and look dispassionately at the problem, and figure out a solution. Perhaps TWINKIEJO is on to something with extra staffing at the heaviest times-like overlapping shifts through that period.

highlife75Oct. 10, 12 7:38 AM

Call roll over to supervisors, and other cross trained administrative staff, maybe even other adjoining jurisdictions that can handle overflow, overflow to state highway patrol dispatch? I would rather talk to anyone to have my emergency noted and passed on, even if delayed or told they are aware of the incedent an responding. Am sure the 911 operator needs to enter every call w/info, even if at same location, takes to much time, might need some latitude to tell them 911 is responding and on to next call 5-10 seconds?

nowilfare3Oct. 10, 12 7:39 AM

Mayor Rybak has put his priorities in the budget where they really matter... Building the Vikings a stadium so that they can make more money in Minneapolis without investing any of their own capital.


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