Canadian panelists say same-sex marriage there has had costs

  • Article by: BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 9, 2012 - 9:19 AM

Backers of Minnesota amendment invited speakers to seminar.

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takebackusaOct. 8, 12 8:40 PM

Teaching Tolerance?? How dare they!!!! What next teaching that women are equal?!?!?

lechevalier5Oct. 8, 12 8:41 PM

yep, if you can"t win on the merits which the amendment supporters don't have, try to win on fear.

folkslikeusOct. 8, 12 8:51 PM

Wow, they are really trying hard to convince the public to share the same discriminatory views that they do. Spending all this money, doing all this campaigning, that in the end will amount to nothing. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. I am sure that there has been changes in Canada, but nothing that has caused harm. All we're doing is repeating the Civil Right Movement of the 60s.

kingtutskyOct. 8, 12 8:55 PM

Of course it has costs.

franknjackOct. 8, 12 8:56 PM

"Albertos Polizogopoulos, a Canadian lawyer and same-sex marriage opponent, said he envisions a day soon when a male couple will sue the state to pay for a surrogate mother to conceive a child." Yeah, because gay couples have that ri--wait a minute, nobody has that right, because that argument is completely ridiculous. The headline should more correctly read, "Canadians who oppose same-sex marriage bring their fear-mongering views to an oppressive church."

crash1Oct. 8, 12 8:57 PM

"elementary schools teach students about same-sex relationships and...parents who try to protect children from these teachings have no ability to intervene." Oh, please! Even elementary school children live in a wider world than parents can control. Parent's shouldn't "protect" children from factual information about the world around them. Public schools aren't supposed to support parents in teaching bias and bigotry. Their function is to give children the knowledge and skills to be self-sufficient, productive members of society, and good citizens. Our job, as parents, is to help our children interpret what they encounter in the world and provide the moral and ethical values to evaluate other people's behavior. We taught our children to be loving neighbors to all their school mates, regardless of differences between our family and others. You are free to teach your children different values.

ErickMNOct. 8, 12 9:01 PM

Why in the world did they import a bunch of bigots from Canada? Certainly they can find enough of them here. These seminars were a fear-mongering sham and an embarrassment to our community. Shame on all of the organizers and participants.

suzukisvOct. 8, 12 9:10 PM

Utter nonsense! There are already plenty of same sex homes with children. Both of our kids have attended schools that also had same sex families. Guess what happened? Nothing, except that we meant some very nice people. This is the same ignorant and bigoted (sorry, no other way to describe it) arguement used against multi racial families in the 50's and 60's. And the nonsense from the supposed lawyer. How exactly could anyone, same sex or otherwise sue the govt for free surrogacy? I'm expecting to hear that gay people are witches too very soon from these people.

boogerfuzzOct. 8, 12 9:14 PM

In Canada they refer to "GLBT and Queer". Isn't that redundant?

boogerfuzzOct. 8, 12 9:15 PM

"It's a known fact that homosexual men have shorter life expectations than straight men". Very true if you include those have died of AIDS.


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