Granlund excelling with reins loose

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 9, 2012 - 12:43 AM

Houston coach John Torchetti is known for being rigid, but the Wild prospect's skill set earned him freedom to play instinctively.

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wisstinks4Oct. 9, 1212:01 AM

It's very exciting to see the potential for great success for the Aeros short term and the Wild long term. It's just too bad the NHL CEO can't get himself out of the way to resolve the labor issue. Such big egos for players, owners and league officials causes one real problem, the fans take it in the shorts again. It can't happen again.

bhrnew1lOct. 9, 1212:05 AM

Will Granlund be better than PMB was in his rookie days ? I think that is who you compare him against. I think Mister Coyle played center in their exhibition game the other day and Granlund played wing, just like PMB when he started, he Came to the Wild as a center and played wing because of his size. All of Granlunds circus tricks will be fun to watch while he lasts

Quixote71Oct. 9, 1210:09 AM

wisstinks.......Fans will continue to take it in the shorts until Bettman is relieved of duty and the owners figure out how to contract teams or better distribute the wealth among themselves. I am siding with the players in this lockout. Change the monetary figure to an average joes salary. $40k a year. He gets an offer from another company for $50k,signs the contract, leaves his old job, and before he enters his new his new employer asks him to take a reduction in pay to $42k and wont let him work until he agrees. Not all players are making the multi million dollar contracts and some may olny survive in the league a year or two at minimum salary. The owners are simply using bully tactics. They signed the players to the huge contracts and now dont want to pay what they committed to.

spector075Oct. 9, 1211:14 AM

@Quixote71 - nothing wrong with moving from company to company but I have yet to see a profitable company that pays their employees 57% of the company far its the NHL....its time for the union to concede the 7% and make it 50/50

thatguy22Oct. 9, 12 2:13 PM

spector075- The union is ready to concede that(there last offer had them down to 52%, a little bit more give and take would get it to 50%). What they are not willing to budge on is immediate salary rollbacks like the last time, and want it to be a gradual rollback over the course of 3 or 4 seasons. With the mass signings right before the lockout, the players see it as the owners negoitiating in bad faith if they give out these contracts, sign players long term with the expectation that the cost of those contracts is going to be cut 10-20 percent. If the owners would concede to honor existing contracts the players would agree to an eventual and long term split of 50/50.

uffda57Oct. 9, 12 3:34 PM

A 50/50 split seems equitable, and it does seem the players have to budge on the length of time before they can become FAs, if for no other reason than to save the owners from themselves. Unfortunately, Daly says the players haven't even made a counteroffer, which is patently false, so apparently the league's position is that unless a counteroffer gives them everything they want, there is no counteroffer in their eyes. That bespeaks a total unwillingness to compromise, or even think about a compromise. As long as one side continues with that kind of mindset, it looks like the whole season is likely to go down in flames. So for the meantime, the talent level of the AHL will be elevated by players who most likely would have been playing in the NHL this year, like Granlund. Too bad FSN isn't planning on showing us those games at least.

mrblueskyOct. 9, 12 7:34 PM

Uffda, "bespeaks?" very nice! Gretzky says they will be playing by January 1st? Struggling to make ends meet, I dont have ANY sympathy for the owners or players. Most of them have never had a "real" job. Cap any and all salaries at 1 million per year. Make tickets affordable for everyone to attend a game. If they players cant make it on that, they need to finish their educations and get a job that pays better.

uffda57Oct. 10, 12 9:47 AM

mrbluesky--I guess some of those Shakespeare plays rubbed off on me! As far as the player salaries are concerned, the cap was a great idea, but it seems to have been undermined by the shorter time required for a player to become a free agent. This led to an inflation of all player salaries, but disproportionately at the top. For every Parise and Suter, there are dozens of guys that will either just be steady journeymen that will never get the attention and money of the big boys, or guys that only last a couple years in the league before injuries or lack of talent send them packing. So from my position, I don't see outrageous player salaries being the real is outrageous salaries for the very top players, which was in part created by the shorter time frame for free agency. Fix that, bring revenues down to a 50/50 split in a gradual manner that doesn't result in an immediate 20% salary cut, and I think you have a fair deal both sides should be able to live with. For struggling franchises, move them to hockey markets that would love to have a team, (like Quebec), contract those that can't find a home, not have the league take them over and run them like Phoenix.

bella15Oct. 10, 1211:12 AM

Hi Michael, Just want to tell you that the Granlund's trick is called in Finnish "Taivas Varjele!". Not Tavias... Thanks! Osmo

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