I was raised by a same-sex couple

  • Article by: SARAH ANN BAILLIE
  • Updated: October 9, 2012 - 1:28 PM

Sounds shocking, doesn't it? Well, let me tell you ...

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lakneeOct. 8, 12 6:39 PM

ARRey sez: Most of the people who disagree with you and your position also don't believe in science, evolution, or civil rights.

blendedvegOct. 8, 12 6:53 PM

Brava, Ms. Baillie! Would that the world was full of as many great parents as you had, be they heterosexual, gay or single. It is clear that the most important thing in bringing up children is not the sex of the parents, but rather the degree to which they focus on their kids. Congratulations to you--and your parents--for realizing that.

skyblue90Oct. 8, 12 7:21 PM

What a great article! Hopefully we can look back sometime in the future and regret that pieces like this were even necessary at one time.

aardvark878Oct. 8, 12 7:22 PM

This entire Commentary needs a big ol' "Like" button at the bottom!

swmnguyOct. 8, 12 7:53 PM

This is what normal families produce: Normal people, well-suited to lead normal lives.

Bear in mind, one has to judge "Normal" by behavior, values and results, not by one's own expectations. The most "Normal" family on my block is headed by two women, while the most dysfunctional family on our black is a married male/female couple.

If you care about results and contributions to society, you support solid families no matter how they are constituted. If you care about appearances, conformity, and not about results and public benefit, your opinion is not of any relevance to the rest of us.

imichelleOct. 8, 12 7:57 PM

What is there to thumbs down? She is simply stating the truth of the matter of how she was raised. There is nothing to disagree with. She isn't telling everyone that they must live like her, she is just telling us all that her parents gender did not damage her. I applaud her parents for the support, love and strength that they gave her, as I applaud all parents that accomplish this.

pinky1933Oct. 8, 12 8:09 PM

wonderfully articulated and a very encouraging, credible and tender testimony. still, i would be curious to know what the collective/empirical evidence is for boys who are raised by same-sex male parents. not making a comment here, i just suspect that this combination presents more challenges for male children than females, on a number of fronts. (and right-wing Crusaders kindly spare me the propaganda "studies.) it may be that information is still a work-in-progress. i just don't know. and when you consider how messy many hetro parents are, i'm not sure i care.

mickex05Oct. 8, 12 8:19 PM

Great article, very upbeat, much more interesting than some brain addled jock.

owatonnabillOct. 8, 12 8:27 PM

Well, Grandmaw smoked three packs a day ever since age 14 and died at age 97 because the horse threw her. Are Marlboros the guarantee to a long, healthy life? Nope. Same thing here. Owatonnabill's Spousal Unit survived because Mama was not able to get the abortion she sought. Spousal Unit grew up in a situation where Munchausen's by proxy was not recognized but was present in a big way. Spousal Unit is today highly successful in her field, a wonderful parent and grandparent, and someone who owatonnabill is privileged to have as a mate. Does owatonnabill give credit to Mama for producing such a person? Answer is obvious. Spousal Unit is who she is DESPITE her upbringing. Exceptions do not disprove the rule.

chrisweber49Oct. 8, 12 8:31 PM

Ms. Bailie sounds like she was raised by wonderful parents in a wonderful family. I support the rights of her 2 moms to do so. The obvious observation though is that they were able to create a wonderful household without hijacking the traditional definition of "marriage." Let same sex couples create families and raise kids. Just don't pretend to call it a marriage.


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