Marriage amendment: The archbishop draws the line

  • Article by: ROSE FRENCH and BAIRD HELGESON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 7, 2012 - 8:44 AM

Nienstedt's opposition cheered as obedience, challenged as overbearing.

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goferfanzOct. 6, 1210:15 PM

It's Church doctrine. You dont have to agree or believe, but then find a church that caters to your belief systems. I am amazed how this has enthused the Catholic faithful, as they had to keep bring out more and more yardsigns after Church services tonite. A Marriage prayer is said during mass, and I only saw a couple of scowling families tonite (being nonCatholic at a mass allows me to scan the crowd) during the prayer. I think come Nov 7th, instate Dems and Obama nationally will regret tangling with this religious group. I have been impressed with the grassroots activism.

kivirl4Oct. 6, 1210:20 PM

I am not catholic and disagree with much of catholic theology (disclaimer: I do agree with Nienstadt on opposition to same sex marriage) But I do admire a man who is loyal to his beliefs, whatever they may be. I dont disrespect Catholics who are OK with same sex marriage, but if they are OK wit hthat, why do they remain catholic? Why not move to a denomination more conistent with their belief?

mishugi300Oct. 6, 1210:28 PM

If he is worried about children he might have considered spending that $600,000 of church money on feeding, housing and better educating the many children in need in the Twin Cities. THAT would be an act of God's love.

jpyandrasitsOct. 6, 1210:31 PM

If, indeed, "marriage is in crisis", it is not due to the gay community seeking to uphold this tradition. The catholic church would be better focused on members of the heterosexual community who have de-sanctified marriage through abandonment, divorce, and other social ills. This is an attack on gay persons, pure and simple.

anderson245Oct. 6, 1210:32 PM

The question we Catholics have to ask ourselves is this: "Are the Pope and Archibishop fallible?" If you believe the Pope and Archibishop are human and can therefore error, then they may be wrong in pushing for this Constitutional Amendment. If you believe the Pope and Archibishop are not human and can therefore, not error, well......

grandmabetsOct. 6, 1210:33 PM

Oh, I am so proud to be a Catholic-NOT!!!! We have a leader that spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on his pet project. Why isn't he spending this money on helping the poor with food and clothing? He is giving a religion I love a very bad name. I wish he would go away and fast! I will be contacting my elected officials and asking them to reconsider the tax exempt status of the church.

nopensionOct. 6, 1210:34 PM

It is way past time to take away the Catholic churches tax exempt status since they take their orders from a foreign country. Keep your views in your church! Not in our government.

anderson245Oct. 6, 1210:41 PM

"In a December letter to clergy, Nienstedt wrote that 'the institution of marriage and family life are unraveling before our very eyes due to no-fault divorce, widespread cohabitation and promiscuous sexual activity.'" And yet the Constitutional Amendment does NOTHING to address his concerns.

sarahanneOct. 6, 1210:43 PM

So next time the Catholic church closes a parish or a school because of a lack of money - you know now why.

sunnyreaderOct. 6, 1210:43 PM

As a person of another faith tradition, I really resent the archbishop's intrusion into the way I practice my faith. I just don't think that Jesus would draw a line in the sand on this issue, but he might have something to say about a certain Pharisee who would tell a woman that her soul is in danger because she wants her gay son to be accepted within the church. I just think that Christ's love stretches further than this.


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