Souhan: Ryan's the right man to revive the franchise

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 6, 2012 - 7:58 AM

The Twins GM has shown he won't value loyalty and stability above winning, and he has the talent for a turnaround ... if he can find some starting pitchers.

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honnatOct. 5, 1210:53 PM

Souhan has a huge man crush on Ryan. Wow. we just lost 96 games with a 95 million dollar payroll. He kept a pitching coach who developed one of the worst starting staff's in Twins history. He kept a manager that has two consecutive 96+ loss seasons in a row. I'll admit that these changes might make more sense to those inside the organization than those on the outside; but he (Ryan) can't be that good.

reshpprdOct. 5, 1211:06 PM

As usual, Souhan has his 'stuff' together. The only other thing that SHOULD have been done this past couple of days was that Ryan ought to have SHOWN Rick Anderson the door. But, we all have to assume that Gardy probably would have walked out the door, too -- though maybe that wouldn't have been such a bad idea -- especially seeing what the other major league clubs with similar records have done to their managers (see Boston Red Sox, for example!) Go get'em Terry Ryan !!

vikingbussOct. 5, 1211:20 PM

Hi! Just finished watching the Wild Card games and watching some former Twins play well, too bad they were let go for nothing! Lohse pitched very well for the Cards in their win, what was the reason again for letting him walk? How about Hardy, getting two hits in the Orioles win, oh, by the way, he is only the second best defensive shortstop in the AL. How long have the Twins been looking for a SS? Seems like more than 10 years now. What was the reason again for why he was traded for a stiff who couldn't hit the backstop consistently? That's right, a sore wrist that the Twins training staff couldn't fix all season and that the Orioles training staff fixed in a week! At least the Twins head trainer is out the door so maybe all the sore arms and sore muscles will be history! How about Nathan? He gave up a couple of runs in the ninth, but he can be excused, he hasn't been away from the Twins long enough, he is still pitching the Twins way, pitch to contact! Maybe the Rangers will be able to get that out of his head by next year! Even Thome played well and got a hit and walk for the Orioles, what was it, he was over the hill and had to be let go! All of you fantasy baseball fans keep a sharp eye on the Twins this off season, anyone they trade away should be a must start on your team next year!! Think Ryan had a hand or at least some involvement in all of the Twins moves for the last few years. Hope he gets more of them right in the future than those in the past. At least some of the off season moves for position players last year paid off. Now he just needs to get some right this off season for some pitching. But I wouldn't hold my breath about that!!

martiankingOct. 5, 1211:25 PM

Some Twins fans are going to have to figure out if they want to trade their few assets, mostly likely Span, Morneau, Willingham, Doumit, who are about their only bright spots on offense, for young, hopefully high quality, starting pitchers that can help now, not years from now. I see the team that is between a rock and a hard place. For years we complained about the lack of power numbers from our hitters, now that we have some, you want to trade it away? Honestly, you people should be politicians with all the flip-flopping going on. I say keep the hitters and sign free agent pitchers. Yes it will cost money, but how many more years of rebuilding do you want to see? I've seen to many years of futility as it is.

danmyteOct. 5, 1211:33 PM

I can agree with part of what Souhan has to say but come on..there is absolutely no way that gardy is fired next season even if he loses 96 games again..not a snowballs chance in hell. Further, as a fan I am extremely patient and loyal but am tired of being lied to by the twins. I have been a Ryan supporter but this total BS that money is not an issue is so stupid as to be laughable. Pohlad is not about winning. If he was he would creak open his multi-billion dollar checkbook and sign some pitchers. If he does then I will apologize but so far, based on this last season where he ordered a slash in payroll on a team that sucked, he shows no signs of caring at all. If it finally hits him hard in the all-mighty checking account then he might..just might..spend a little. But there is no chance in hell that without being willing to buy some free agent help that this team is going to be relevant. Even the two world series champion teams went out and got help from free agency to go with their own in-grown talent. So, it is time for Pohlad and Ryan to put up or shut up once and for all. Either go out and get the players necessary or else you have proven your true colors to the fans and have made a mockery of your so-called dedication to winning. Maybe even Souhan would be willing to call you out when needed..though that is probably too much to count on.

DavidTengbomOct. 5, 1211:33 PM

Jim, Why are u so high on Terry Ryan? Look at the starting pitchers that he gave us this year!!! They were terrible. And...I'm sure that next year will be no different!! Terry Ryan and the Pohlad's need to go!!

danmyteOct. 5, 1211:35 PM

And all I have to say about the comment about the Twins not being too loyal is Bill Smith..if he can not lose a job with this organization and the absolute disaster he was then please save me the bs about the Twins being willing to make the tough calls.

BellePlaineOct. 5, 1211:42 PM

Does anyone not realize that Terry Ryan was asked back to be interim GM last November? The team he got at the end of last fall was a result of horrendous trades from the GM sandwiched in between the Ryan tenures. Think, trading away Santana for 4 major league busts, trading away talent for Capps who has been terrible, not to mention letting Nathan walk to keep Capps. This is just 3 small examples of horrible trades that were made in the years between Ryan being the GM of the Twins.

norcaltwinOct. 6, 1212:11 AM

A manager who has taken teams to the playoffs. - I wonder who that could be? Faint praise for Gardy. So does Gardy just need to get back to .500 to get a contract extension? Or make it to the playoffs and lose 3 straight to the Yankees?

hauts81Oct. 6, 12 1:13 AM

I don't think you can use Ryan's last rebuilding project as a reason for optimism today. It's true that the Twins are spending a lot more money than they were in the late 90s, but so is everyone else. As for the coaching changes, it's absolutely ludicrous that every assistant lost his job except for Andy. Ryan took scapegoating to a whole new level.


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