Blown call + errors: Same result as Cardinals beat Braves 6-3 for NL division series berth

  • Article by: CHARLES ODUM , Associated Press
  • Updated: October 6, 2012 - 7:28 AM
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stuckincheesOct. 5, 1211:52 PM

One ump signals late its IF Rule and ofcourse another follows. Holbrook blew the call. He wasn't camped under that ball.Could have have caught yes but he couldn't drop it and get a double play. Thats what the rule is for. He showed he shouldn't ump another game in the playoffs.The fact that the others stood by his bad call isn't a surprise either. Having said this the Braves lost because of the errors. And this call just shut the door on any chance they had to comeback.

lindy_frank123Oct. 6, 12 6:22 AM

You make the call when he's 1 camped under it and 2 the ball is descending. Neither was happening at that point, so don't say anything. Don't make the call! Umps blew it again. And thanks to this one game fiasco. Bozo Bud does it again.

voner26Oct. 6, 12 7:29 AM

Played, coached,umpired and watched baseball up through the college level and sorry Brave fans, that call was the correct call and have seen it cslled hundreds of times with balls deeper than that. The arguement that it was 50' into the outfield has nothing to do with it as it is a judgement call and is not even mentioned in the rules, when in fact a outfielder can catch it. Go play golf for the winter. Don't you think booting several balls resulting in runs was really the problem? You blew it not the umpires.

jacknine99Oct. 6, 1211:19 AM

First opinion horrible call. Second opinion, after reading the rule, it was the right call. The SS could have caught the ball with ordinary effort but chose not to. As for the late call, the delay is because the ump first judges the ball flight which is deeper than normally expected for the infield fly rule to be in effect and only then turns to judge the position of the SS.

vikings1Oct. 6, 1211:28 AM

3 errors and 9 baserunners left on base by the Braves but everyone blames the loss on the umpire...makes perfect sense. Let's not forget that they were down 3 runs when the call was made. The Umpire didn't cost them this game, the Braves lost this game by being inept on the field and at the plate.

tjtwinsfanOct. 6, 12 3:01 PM

You are totally wrong if you think the umps made the wrong call. It was a infield fly rule. The ss could have easily caught it. And backed away when the outfielder probably called him off and would have had better momentum to throw after the catch. There are calls like that all the time. It was the right call and the Braves want to use that as the excuse for losing the game. If the table was turned you would have heard them say it was the right call.

tjtwinsfanOct. 6, 12 3:06 PM

The sad part is a one game playoff. It should at the very least be a 3 game playoff for the wildcard. You watch next year they will either abolish 2 playoff wildcards or make it a best of 3 or 5. To work your you know what off and then lose it in a one game playoff is ridiculous. I think they should only have one wild card team. All it does is make it so the Yankees will always make the playoffs. Or the Red Sox.

tjtwinsfanOct. 6, 12 3:23 PM

One game playoffs is ridiculous. One game does not determine who is the better team. Any team can have a bad day. It is sick that you bust your butt in a 162 game schedule and have it determined by one game. That is ridiuclous. Just as teams that tie and have a one game playoff to determine the division champ. The Twins lost a 3 or 4 years ago to Chicago in a one game playoff even though the Twins won the season series between them. That should be the determining factor in a tie situation head to head wins during the season. That should determine who is the better of the 2 teams not a one game playoff. Also that year Chicago even got the home field advantage by a coin toss. That says alot about who was better during the season.Head to head record should be the determining tie breaker.

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